foodpanda unveils a new Look

The on-demand international food delivery service foodpanda now sports a new visual identity.  Despite the new look, though, it remains its renowned service standards and vision to deliver good food to customers every day.

foodpanda unveils a new Look
foodpanda unveils a new Look

foodpanda logo

The change is part of the brand’s goal to improve its visibility along with providing safety to its riders.  With its new outstanding pink color, the riders are more noticeable to others on the road, minimizing road accidents.  Its color likewise enhances the memorability of the logo.  Moreover, the improved look and feel create greater impact in the fast-growing food delivery industry.

Its iconic brand symbol, the panda, remains at the forefront but has been tweaked into a rounder more modern version.  The new look also sports a more simplified shape in terms of color and line weight.  In addition, the font uses a more contemporary design, also in line with the brand’s new direction.

foodpanda Global CMO Julian Dames expresses his excitement in deploying the brand’s image and new signature pink color.  “This marks the beginning of a new era and enables us to further stand out in the streets of the cities we cover,” says Dames.

foodpanda unveils a new Look
foodpanda unveils a new Look

foodpanda rider’s uniform

Dames discloses that aside from the logo, foodpanda also provided an eye-catching uniform for their riders.  The new suit is both lightweight and water resistant.  They also added reflective material in different parts of the uniform to make it more noticeable to others on the road.  “This combination of style and safety will ensure being noticed on the street, and will also allow riders to enjoy wearing them while staying safe,” adds Dames.

foodpanda website

Even foodpanda’s app and website now carry an improved user-friendly interface and design aside from the several new features.  Customers can easily watch in real time as their order is being prepared down to making its way to their doorstep.

Excited to see the new and improved foodpanda?  Download the app on IOS or Android now!

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