Food Trend Prediction for 2018



Each year there are food trends which somehow affects or change the way we eat and plan our meals to make them healthier.  We’re pretty excited for the coming of 2018, for sure there will also be significant changes regarding our foods. Here, creates our forecast on the 2018 food trends. Check this out:

Low Sugar and Low Carbs


The two main offenders in our diet are called sugar and carbs. The main culprit is that 99% of the ones you find in supermarket shelves are packed with sugar and carbs. But some trends are emerging that point at the opposite direction. Sweet potatoes and roasted veggies are now growing in popularity. They can fill you up without the massive carbs and sugar boost you would usually get from majority of snacks on the market.

Raw Foods


More and more people opt for food items that are uncooked at all. It’s even more possible to find snack bars in supermarkets that are made without any cooking involved. This trend has not yet broken into the mainstream but we could see it coming. It’s a type of food that is attached to cleanliness, and it has much to do with production as the health benefits associated with.

Meals plenty with turmeric


More and more people are coming up with new recipes and meal ideas which incorporate turmeric purely because of its health benefits. Think turmeric rice, turmeric tea drinks, turmeric lattes, turmeric flavored pastries, even turmeric bone broth. This is definitely a trend.

Dehydrated fruit snacks

dried fruits

Dehydrated fruits are starting to make a comeback. From apples, to apricots, they can now be flash-dried as sold as fruit snacks. They allow people to get more fruit into their diet in an easy and convenient. way.

Fermented foods


Fermented foods might sound a little weird but this trend’s been set to have a significant impact in the next couple of years. Fermented foods are noted for being able to give you energy boost as well as improve your digestive system.

Vance Madrid

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