Food Parks to try in 2018

Food Parks are probably the next best thing in dining. Usually, we get treated to varieties of meals at food courts. But these entrepreneurs have brought it much closer rather than us having to go to malls where they are found. They all promise a wide selection of quick eats as they are conveniently and strategically located in neighborhoods. Here are some of the Food Parks where you must try their specialties. Due to space constraints, this article will limit it to five places.

streat maginhawa
StrEAT Maginhawa. C: Mary Love Siy


Maginhawa St. in Teachers Village, Quezon City has become very popular for the many dining establishments that line up the street (so many to choose from). One particular place to go is StrEAT whose name is a play on the words “Street” and “Eat.” There are various concessionaries that offer a wide variety of cuisine to try.

To name a few, there is The Lost Bread and Black Sugar if you want sweets and baked goods; YakiBox offers Japanese fusion dishes – Japanese food with a twist. There is also Miggy Piggy that offers meat-based comfort food and Quarterback whose name suggests American fare like hamburgers and the usual accompaniment of French Fries for those who do not like rice.

StrEAT has recently opened a new branch along Don Mariano Marcos Avenue in Novaliches which offers a different lineup from the original branch though other Maginhawa stalls have also set up shop here such as Rocco’s.

StrEAT Maginhawa is located at 91 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City.

crave park
Crave Park, Marikina. Source:

Crave Park

This food park is located in Marikina City. The Copuyoc family envisioned it as a place where people will not just enjoy the food but the murals created by artists commissioned to decorate the place. There are 25 stalls located here. The food is not only great to eat but also great enough to post on Instagram. Such stalls worth trying are Tokyo Tempura (whose specialties are obvious), the Hungry Burro whose name suggests Mexican fare. The Archipelago of course serves Filipino dishes, and Uncle Moe’s Shawarma naturally offers shawarma served in bread or rice.

Crave Park is located at Block 3 Lot 22 Mayor Gil Fernando Street, Centro de Buenviaje.

Truck Park

Also located in Marikina City, it is touted to be the largest food park in the city. It boasts of an industrial-themed complex with 16 stalls that offer various fare. What makes it unique is they are the first to offer cashless payment system where you are given a prepaid card which you can load as much as you want. All you have to do is tap when you order. Some of the stalls recommended you try are Cheese Cartel which suggests cheese-based specialties. Bacon Brigade is all about comfort food and Unidentified Frozen Object, as you might have guessed, offers desserts.

The Truck Park is also located at Mayor Gil Fernando (Block 8).

Food Haven at 77

This is food park is in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. It is an indoor food park with 22 stalls. They are located in a multi-level air-conditioned complex though some are al fresco (open air). Some of the stalls worth a try are Marhaba Habibi if you are into Middle Eastern food (they offer more than just shawarma); Steakside for meat lovers; and Auntie Mae’s Home Kitchen which offers comfort food.

Food Haven at 77’s address is 77 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

container turf
Container Turf – Paranaque City. Source: Container Turf (Facebook Page)

Container Turf

The South of Metro Manila will not let itself be outdone. As its name suggests, Container Turf in Paranaque is built around container vans which house the stalls (35 total). For those with an alcohol fix, there is Swig & Guzzle. Bubble Wraps and Melt are for those who are looking for desserts. Bagwings offer quick bites and The Steak Joint and Smoke Frill House for meat lovers.

Container Turf is at Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City.


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