The Florsheim promo with a Sole

Good news for all hardworking gentlemen – office executives, field personnel, and even school students.

The Florsheim promo with a Sole
The Florsheim promo with a Sole (photo grabbed from James Deakin FB page)

Today, January 15, until March 15, 2018, you can trade in your used but wearable shoes of any brand in any Florsheim branch.  In exchange, you will receive a gift certificate worth P2,500.  You can use the gift certificate to buy your new Florsheim shoes.

This is part of the Give and Receive program of the shoe company.  Donated pairs will go to the Revelation City Community Service Foundation.  The partnership aims to change lives one pair at a time.

The beginning

The Florsheim Shoe Company started in 1892 in Chicago, Illinois.   Milton Florsheim and his father Sigmund made the first pairs of Florsheim shoes in their small factory.   A retail store opened shortly after and the brand soon gained popularity.  It was even featured in lifestyle magazines such as The Cosmopolitan and The Saturday Evening Post.

It wasn’t hard for the brand to establish its name in the industry.  Since its launch, Florsheim has been consistent.  All its products are a remarkable combination of style, comfort, and high-quality workmanship.

Milton took pride in his shoes and even more pride in his company.  He considered his customers as the most important aspect of his business.   As a new class of professionals and working men emerged, Milton’s shoes came to symbolize success. This continues until today, regarding Florsheim as one quality brand exceptional for its craftsmanship and timeless styling.

Through the years, Florsheim expanded its products.  It introduced more casual styles but still retains its specialty lines which made the brand famous for.  The brand is still very much thriving since Milton Florsheim first introduced his first shoes 126 years ago.

The giving back

Now, the company, through its partnership with the Revelation City Community Service Foundation, is about to change the lives of a hundred and even thousand souls.   All old yet wearable shoes collected from the Give and Receive program will find their new owners at the foundation.

This promo of Florsheim, as the famous media personality James Deakin described,  “got a sole.”

So again, today until March 15, 2018, bring your old pair to any Florsheim branch and in exchange, get a Florsheim gift certificate worth P2,500.  That is one great trade in for a worthy cause.

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