Five Ways to Teach Kids the Love for Reading

The advent of digital gadgets and the availability of access to the worldwide web have created a revolution on all aspects of society. One of the most challenging and promising effects of this event is the paradigm shift on the way people exchange, process, and view information. Information can now be accessed via any platform as long as there is a connection to the web. But the most appalling effect of this change is the shift on people’s reading habits and perception. The reality that even with the present advancements in technology, the basic skill of reading can never be replaced since all of these data can only become relevant if it is read and digested properly by the reader. Here are some ways on how you can develop the love for reading on your kids.

Start early.

Five Ways to Teach Kids to Love Reading
Start them early. Start them young to form the reading habit.

The best time to develop the habit is when your kids are still young. Make it as a part of your kids’ daily routine. Assign a time in a day when you can sit down with them and read together. It can be reading their favorite story book, the daily paper, and even their textbooks. Start them early. Start them young.

Keeping books within children’s reach.

Five Ways to Teach Kids to Love Reading
If books are accessible to kids, they feel that they have the power to choose what they want to read.

Your kids’ reading habit can be amplified if they have access to their favorite books and reading materials. You may assign a basket or box situated on a strategic place in the house, probably the living room or their respective bedrooms. If the books are stacked in a shelf, you may leave their books on the lower portion or arranged at their eye level to find their longing to read.

Choose appropriate books.

Five Ways to Teach Kids to Love Reading
There is joy and advantage when kids know how to read.

Your kid’s reading trove should be based on his age, level, and interest. Habit forming is based on repetition of certain action. For kids, repeating a particular action can make them lose interest. Now, to develop their reading habit, reading materials should pique their interest and curiosity. Therefore, it is essential to provide them with reading materials that can fuel their need to know more and develop their interest further. For example, if your kids love Harry Potter books, at some point you may include in their trove readings that fall under the same genre like Percy Jackson series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Geronimo Stilton, to name a few.

Probe to test for comprehension.

Five Ways to Teach Kids to Love Reading

Exposing your kids to interesting reading materials and developing the habit is not enough to fully develop the skill and interest in reading. One of the most crucial things is to allow them to express their thoughts on the things that they have read. This is where probing comes into play. Make it a point to discuss what they have read or allow them to tell the story in their own words. You may do this over dinner, during casual conversations, or even before sleeping. In this way, your kids can appreciate what they have learned on their own while reading.

In probing for your kids’ understanding, it is also essential that you pose questions that do not only require them to recall what they have read but also would allow them to analyze the details and reasons for a particular event in the story. It is also important to direct their understanding on the application of the lessons learned from those stories to real situations.

Read with your kids and set an example.

Five Ways to Teach Kids to Love Reading
Teaching by example is still the best teacher.

You can’t give what you don’t have. Similarly, it will be hard to impose and develop your kids’ interest in reading if you yourself don’t read. You should be the one to set an example. You may start the process by reading with them. This may serve as your bonding moment and allow them to see that you are actually doing it. Through this you are setting an example for them to emulate.

As Dr. Seuss mentioned in  the book, I Can Read with my Eyes Shut, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  Teaching kids the love for reading has multitude of benefits that he can’t imagine. It is you who can make them realize those advantages.

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