Five Makeup Routines During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when there are changes in a woman’s body due to hormones. These physical changes sometimes make a pregnant woman feel insecure of her looks. She has the tendency to accept those changes and do nothing about it because she thinks that it’s okay to look that way. Well, it should not be the case.


Pregnancy is the moment when an expectant mom should celebrate and feel good about herself because it is the time when she fulfills her essence, to be able to bear and born a child. Part of having a joyful feeling is to be beautiful and healthy inside and out. One of the indicators of having a healthy pregnancy is having a healthy skin and facial skin is not an exception. It may undergo adjustments in its condition due to hormonal changes like becoming too oily or dry. Hyperpigmentation called the “mask of pregnancy” or melasma can also occur.  To solve those temporary facial skin problems, PSST! PH shares five makeup routines during pregnancy that are so easy to follow.


Observe your skin condition whether it is very dry or oily. Use hydrating moisturizer to combat dry skin while switch to oil-free formulas if your skin is oily.



Remember, pregnancy hormones make pregnant woman’s skin highly sensitive and prone to hyperpigmentation. Daily application of sunscreen minimizes the appearance of hyperpigmentation and skin’s vulnerability to the heat of the sun and ultraviolet radiation.



Apply concealer to the areas with presence of hyperpigmentation and put foundation on the entire face lightly to refrain from removing the applied concealer. Add touch-ups to the areas that need to be corrected. Seal them with powder for a flawless finish.



If your facial skin looks very dull and lifeless, color your lips with a pretty shade of lip gloss, put  a nice shade of blush or bronzer on your cheeks, and apply highlighter on the forehead, under eyes, brow bone, nose bridge, chin, and cupid’s bow to fake it.



Pregnant women are bombarded with so many pregnancy related concerns but it’s not an excuse to skip on looking good. Learning the quickest makeup routine and sticking with it is the best thing to do. Put in a separate makeup kit all the cosmetics that you need. Make sure that they are easy to use and don’t need to be blended anymore.


Also take note that if you’re pregnant, you should be cosmetic ingredient-conscious. All-natural or organic cosmetics are very safe for you and your baby.

SJ Valdez

Dreamer, Doer, Self-proclaimed Adviser... Simply a MOM!