Five Magiswords we’d love to see in Real Life

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have anything we want right when we want it?

Imagine this: your belly’s grumbling and you’re seriously craving a burger and then boom, right in front of you a burger appears! Or what if you didn’t have the time to prepare breakfast and all of a sudden you have a spread of some of the most sumptuous, scrumptious treats?

We can only dream. But in the world of Prohyas and Vambre, the twin protagonists in Cartoon Network’s new show Mighty Magiswords, some amazing things can happen (but not always) with just a flick of one of hundreds of Magiswords.

Here’s a list of Magiswords that would be awesome to see in real life:

  1. Dolphin Magisword

01 - Dolphin Magisword 1

Who wouldn’t love to have a dolphin as a pet? Imagine this lovable marine mammal as your partner in every adventure. The Dolphin Magisword is extremely loyal and a lovable bundle of joy, and as an added bonus he could fire a jet of water from his beak. Enemies beware!

02 - Dolphin Magisword 2

  1. Giant Egg Magisword and Bacon Magisword

03 - Bacon Magisword

Bacon and eggs are a breakfast staple and a great way to kickstart the day. But how do you make this incredible pair even more amazing? Turn it into a Magisword of course! The Bacon Magisword can fire bacon at enemies while the Giant Egg Magisword can hurl gigantic eggs at anything or anyone. Prohyas even made a giant hardboiled egg this one time and it was just so egg-citing! Too bad a giant bird flew away with it…what a waste!

03 - Giant Egg Magisword

  1. Hover Magisword

04 - Hover Magisword 1

We’ve all dreamed of flying cars zipping us hassle-free to any destination. That’s why we are just seething with jealousy over Prohyas and Vambre’s ability to fly around Rhyboflavin on their Hover Magiswords! If we had those in real life, flying from any place in the metro would be easy-breezy.

05 - Hover Magisword 2

  1. Instant Wrap Magisword

06 - Instant Wrap Magisword

We can all agree that wrapping gifts can be a chore. But in the world of warriors and quests, covering things up in beautiful paper is as easy as flicking a Magisword – thanks to the Instant Wrap Magisword.

  1. Excaliburger Magisword

07 - Excaliburger Magisword 1

Arguably the most famous Magisword, the Excaliburger Magisword has been on many adventures with Prohyas (or Vambre, when she manages to sneak it out of Prohyas’ room). With its power to deploy propeller-burgers, it can be a formidable weapon or a delicious treat. Or perhaps both! If this were to exist in the real world, everyone would surely go crazy over these flying burgers.

08 - Excaliburger Magisword 2

For more on the adventures of Prohyas and Vambre as they continue their quest as “Warriors for Hire” in search of undiscovered Magiswords, watch Mighty Magiswords on weekdays at 6pm only on Cartoon Network. You can also download the MagiMobile app on iOS or Android to join the adventure of the Warrior twins. You can collect Magiswords, explore the land of Lyvsheria, engage in a rewarding challenge, or watch Prohyas and Vambre’s exploits right on the app. Did we say you can collect even more Magiswords? Download it for free on iOS or Android.

Patty Villegas

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