Five date ideas under ₱1,000

There are 13 days before Valentine’s Day. Most probably you are now planning to give your special someone a perfect Valentine treat. The question is, with all the bills that you are going to settle and limited budget that you have right now, is it possible to push through with a one of a kind Valentine’s Day celebration?

Yes, it is possible. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if your date is not “expensive”, it’s not going to be special. What matters most are the simple things that you do everyday for our loved one. By adding an “extra” on those simple things, you can create an impact and a loving memory that can last forever. To create that “wow factor”, you don’t have to spend too much. has a list of five awesome date ideas under ₱1,000.

Cook and Eat Together

Isn’t it sexy to cook for each other and indulge with your finished products together while listening to relaxing music, having a good conversation, and exchanging sweet knottings over a romantic set-up? You don’t have to cook expensive dishes to impress each other. Just stick with your simple favorites. After all, as the famous chef and host Anthony Bourdain once said, “Good food is very often, even most often, is simple food.”

isn't it sweet when you cook for each other?
isn’t it sweet when you cook for each other?

Do a Movie Marathon

Store more finger foods and drinks, cook lots of popcorn, and get ready with your CDs or downloaded romantic films. Watch them the entire day in the comfort of your own home and start igniting the love on fire!

Enjoy watching romantic movies in the comfort of your home. (Courtesy:
Enjoy watching romantic movies in the comfort of your home. (Courtesy:

Unleash Your Artistic Side

If both of you are into arts and culture, visiting historical landmarks, parks, and museums near you is the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Most historical landmarks and parks are open to the public while museums have free admission or charge a minimal fee. Documenting your visit through photographs or video recording and collating them by posting them on social media like Facebook and Instagram or making hardcopies of photos for scrapbooking thereafter can conclude your artistic and cultural adventure.

One more idea is to create something artsy together. Just recently, Papemelroti opened its branch in 2nd Floor of 91 Roces Avenue corner Scout Tobias in Quezon City for you to experience Papemelroti Artisan’s Workshop. If you live nearby, encourages you to visit and join the fun of creating something wonderful! No booking is necessary. Just walk-in from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. All you have to do is to purchase any kit or assorted blank notebooks, scrapbooks, boxes, gift bags, postcards, etc. for decorating plus a borrower’s fee ₱50 / ₱100 if you need paint. No need to worry about having no slots available. It has a maximum capacity of 32 guests.

Unleash your artistic side. Join Papmelroti Artisan's Workshop! (Courtesy: Papemelroti)
Unleash your artistic side. Join Papemelroti Artisan’s Workshop! (Courtesy: Papemelroti)

Commence with Nature

You don’t have to travel for hours and spend too much just to do your nature tripping. Just spend your time with your dear in the nature adventure spot nearest you. Have a picnic in the park, do hiking on a hill or mountain, enjoy fishing on the lake, have a refreshing swim on a pool surrounded with lush greens, or build sand castles by the beach. You can also run and do brisk walking by the bay and watch the sunrise or sunset while cooling down. You can stay a bit late and when the night comes, do stargazing while reminiscing your happy memories.

Commune with nature in a spot nearest you.
Commune with nature in a spot nearest you.

Food Tripping

Food parks are in nowadays. Show your adventurous side by tasting different food items or dishes that both of you haven’t tried before. Challenge yourself that you’ll spend under ₱1,000!

Try indulging with dishes that you haven't tried before.
Try indulging with dishes that you haven’t tried before.

Whatever you choose to do, always remember that it’s always the thought that counts.  Enjoy your frugal Valentine’s day celebration and seal it with a perfect kiss!

SJ Valdez

Dreamer, Doer, Self-proclaimed Adviser... Simply a MOM!