First online shopping mall Adobomall is now live for Real Online Shopping

Nowadays, we pretty much live on the Internet. Social media aside, we used the internet for almost anything and somehow modern technology has made our lives easier. It’s about to get easier as the first online shopping mall, finally went live and we got to see and experience online shopping in a different light with


Filipinos are known for everything and one of them is the viand Adobo. Although not generally a Filipino original, everyone knows that it is one of the Pinoy’s most known dish. This time, another first and original Filipino brand aims to take over online and revolutionize the country’s e-commerce format. What we know about online shopping will be changed as Adobomall set up a real online shopping mall. You don’t need to brave the traffic or be inconvenienced shopping outside as what you see inside the mall, is what exactly you will experience online.


“Filipinos are not new to online shopping. In fact, we have been very receptive to the convenience it brings that 9 out of 10 Filipinos already choose to do their shopping online,” Walt Young, the CEO of, said.

Mr. Young has come up with an idea of integrating mall shopping experience and doing it online. Although there is a proliferation of online store he said that the current format still hasn’t lived up to the promise of real convenience for online users.


 “So what is the promise of Adobomall? It’s simple. We offer an online mall for all. The first in the country to offer Filipinos with Real Online Shopping experience – no resellers, no fake accounts, all products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, delivery period takes less than one week, and we have a visual storefront where you can go directly to the brand that you are looking for without the nuisance of other items you don’t need. Now that’s the experience that Filipinos deserve,” Young proudly said.

If you browse the website, Adobomall houses an array of clothing and apparel, beauty products, sporting gears, gadgets, home & living, tools and equipment, and even food and beverages.What makes it different to other onlines store is that shopper can actually experience shopping as Adobomall partner brands extend their current physical store set-up online.

You can virtually go to your favorite brand concept store, choose at your convenient time and know that what you are getting is not counterfeit or an overpriced products.

With this revolutionined way of shopping, Adobomall is a one-stop-shop-place. No more traffic, no more braving the shopping crowds. You can choose at your convenience and what more, shopping can be as fast and quick.  Shopping can be done in it’s simplest and most convenient way possible.

Adobomall has an impressive roster of brands for the shoppers to choose from, such as Brooks, Mizuno, Wilson, Lotto, TYR, Folded & Hung, American Tourister, High Sierra, Kamiliant, The Aivee Clinic, Flawless, Aqua Mineral, and Botanifique, to name a few, with more premium brands on the way.


Now everyone can discover real online shopping and no more apprehension of online transaction.This is the kind of online shopping you have been waiting for, and it is all made possible by Adobomall.

For real online shopping expereince, enter  and shop for your favorite brand. Like it on Facebook at and follow it on Instagram for the latest updates and special deals.

Discover #RealOnlineShopping at Adobomall.

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