Finger Lovin’ Tips for Great Hands


Your date doesn’t have to read your palm to predict your lifestyle. One look at your hands is all it takes! So before he jumps to any wrong conclusions about you, get those grabbers looking clean and bright with’s hand-y guide!

Stop chewing on your cuticles or nails. This isn’t a pretty sight! Aside from giving you hideous-looking nails, nail biting can breed fungus and bacteria around nail beds. And, constantly getting saliva on your nails will soften them and make it harder for them to grow. Prevent nail biting by getting a regular manicure using bright nail polish. Why? When you get the urge to nibble, the bright colors will remind you of how pretty your nails look. Also, go figure what’s at the heart of your habit. Is it because you like to nibble or need to keep your hands busy? Find an alternative to it like twirling a pen or chewing sugar-free gum instead. To help stop these nervous habits, Dr. Winda Kleist-Chua, a clinical psychologist, suggests keeping a daily journal, listing positive and negative things that have happened. This way, your anxieties will have an outlet and your nails won’t look as if you’re taking out troubles on them. If all else fails, put on an anti-bite product.

Want long nails instantly?

Long nails can be a hassle. The split, tear, chip and are usually hard to maintain. No problem! Try this instant, nail-lengthening trick; paint a thick stripe of dark nail color down the middle of your semi-long nail. By leaving a thin line of nail unpolished on each side, you create the illusion of longer nails.



Harsh soaps, improper filling, or very long fingernails can weaken them. To avoid this, soak hands in lukewarm water for seven to ten minutes. Dry off then massage cream into cuticles. Always moisturize with a hand cream.

Treat your nails with TLC (tender, loving, care)

If you want hands-to-die-for, treat them nicely. Don’t use your nails for removing staple wires or opening a lid.

 Follow a good diet for nails

Fragile nails can be caused by iron deficiencies. Foodstuffs abundant in iron include liver, trim red meats, species of fish, soy products, beans, lentils, whole grain products, green spinach, fresh vegetables, asparagus, parsley, poultry along with turkey, nuts, egg yolks, dry fruits like raisins, dates and apricots, etc. Eat a lot of these to help keep your nails healthy! Beetroots usually contain more calcium and also vitamin D to supplement healthy nail growth. Day-to-day consumption of beetroots is likely to make all your finger nails incredibly healthy and sturdy.

Use some tricks and remedies to clean your nails and remove stains.

Squeeze a tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice in a cup of normal water and dip all your fingernails or toenails in this particular solution as for a couple of minutes. Then thoroughly clean these with hot water and then use a moisturizer. This really is a helpful nail care tip to get rid of stains on your nails.


For nail care dip all your fingernails and toenails into lukewarm mustard oil as for 8-10 minutes. Then rub each of them slowly and gradually to ensure that circulation of blood is as usual. This really should be executed each day to help make all of your fingernails and toenails fit and strong.

Dip your fingernails through warm and comfortable olive oil just for 15-20 minutes on every alternate day. This is a beneficial nail care tip to help harden tender fingernails and toenails.

Massage your nails

Use a cotton ball dipped in fresh lemon juice and rinse them all right out after short while. By following this kind of procedure, an individual’s fingernails or toenails will end up being firm as well as radiant.

Use protection

Gloves, ladies, gloves — get your mind out of the gutter! Whenever you’re cleaning with harsh chemicals, gardening, or doing anything that involves soaking or dirtying your hands, dermatologist insists that wear rubber, vinyl, nitrile or plastic gloves, preferably with a cotton liner. Cleaning dishes in hot, soapy water sans gloves can weaken the nails, while getting them caked with dirt from gardening will require a level of cleaning that you want to avoid wherever possible. Similarly, now that the weather is getting chilly, remember to wear a pair of mittens or gloves so that the cold air and wind don’t undo the hard work you did moisturizing, leaving you with dry, flaky, scaly skin.

Consider your diet

Your fingernails are made of a protein called keratin, so just as with the clarity of your skin or the shine of your hair, you can improve your nails by tweaking your diet. Doctor advises adding vitamins and supplements like biotin, Vitamin E, and fish oil to your daily regimen,   doctor also recommends protein-rich foods like beans, fish, and nuts. The one thing every expert agrees on: Once you hit on the combination that works for you, you’ll be rewarded with stronger, clearer nails.


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