Where to find your support group?

Friends always play an important role in the life of a parent. They not only enrich life but keep one sane especially if living lately is chaotic.  Research says that women, in particular, who don’t have a support group are more likely susceptible to illness and even depression than those who belong to a network.  This is because ladies love to unburden their frustration.  The mere knowledge that someone is listening to their miserable story somehow relieves them of the pain.

As a parent, you may face challenging situations and your support group would definitely keep you sane during those times.  Though you have your trusted friends since high school, sometimes they can’t relate especially if they are still single.  They may find it difficult to understand as more likely, it is also a parent who could feel what you are feeling.  To make sure you have your circle of friends in your time of need, cultivate it now.   But where to find them?  PSST.ph gives you a list on where to tap them.


A neighbor is a great resource especially in times of need.  While cleaning the front yard or watering the plants, try to interact with them.  You may also start with inviting them to your kid’s party. Or once in a while, send over a bowl of pasta.

Share common interest like crochet or cooking.  You could easily invite each other as you only live side by side.  Your neighbor’s children are also perfect playmates for your kids.  Schedule a playdate or a sleepover even.


Your church can also be a great way to tap friends.  Sign up for activities or do volunteer work if your time still permits.  A lot of churches have small groups or extracurricular activities broken out by age, gender, and interest.

Where to find your support group?
Where to find your support group?

Children’s parents

You are more likely to find a new support group at your children’s school.  This is because of most parents like you, especially those full-time ones,  hang out at their children’s school. The mothers, for instance, who stay at the parent’s lobby, are likely to have the same interest as yours.  You may see each other often, too, at drop-off and pick-up time, school fairs, and birthday parties.  Take advantage of these gatherings and make friends.  Often, they will also be the ones who would support you as again, you have your children at the same grade level, perhaps the same age and concerns, and same teachers.

Online communities

There are a lot of online communities nowadays that provide social support and information sharing.  As there are many ups and downs in parenting, these online communities are the ones that give strength to those who are down  and cheer those who are celebrating ups.  Likewise, these online groups condone bashing and encourage support among members.

Where to find your support group?

There are a lot of avenues where to find your own support group. Probably,  the biggest advantage of having a community is the realization that you are not alone – that there are other individuals who have the same concerns.  That alone gives you a huge relief and perhaps, peace of mind.

Beyond the support you need, being a part of a group may also be a blessing to develop new skills and learn new interests.

Where to find your support group?
Where to find your support group?

Find your own support group and nurture it.  Don’t confine yourself and set limits as often, it is with the company of like-minded individuals that you truly realize your strengths and interest.

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