Find the Perfect Red Lipstick that works for You


Choosing the right red lipstick for your skin tone is not an easy task. Finding that red lipstick for yous skin tone is like finding ‘The One’. You have to exert a little effort to be able to cross path with the perfect one. Here’s how to make things simpler on your next shopping trip to a makeup counter.

We all love to rock a red lip from time to time, but have you ever tried shopping for that perfect red lipstick? There are ones that are more pinkish-red while others have strong orange tones and still others have blue undertones.

It can be overwhelming at times given how many hundreds, if not thousands, of different shades exist across some of our favorite brands. Not to worry though as help is here!

If you have been put off from wearing a red lip due to the color not suiting you, it was probably more the tone of the lipstick itself that wasn’t right for you rather than the color red itself.

However, that’s not to say that the perfect red lipstick doesn’t exist for you, so don’t give up just yet! Often, it’s down to finding the right red to suit our skin tone. It can have varying results on how the color looks depending on our natural tone and if, for example, we have a tan or happen to be paler.

Here is our guide to help you choose the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone. Best of luck with that pout!

Pale skin

Try channeling old school Hollywood in the form of your hair pinned up while sporting that classic red lip as seen on the likes of Marilyn Monroe. While coral suits may suit you nicely in the summer especially, orange toned reds definitely don’t! Look for blue-toned reds because they are great on very fair complexions, and is also great at making teeth appear whiter.

Another shade that is slighter richer in the red (yet not to a brown or purple tone). Deep red shades are classic on pale skin, and we love the way they bring out one’s complexion and are quite striking—especially if you pair it with lashes or eyeliner.

Tanned/medium skintones

Women with tanned (read: Pinay’s natural skin tone) complexions really suited orange-toned reds as this brought out their skin beautifully, especially if they had just been on vacation and wanted something to really bring out their newfound color.

For something a little bolder with an orange undertone, MAC’s Lady Danger has always been a classic choice for so many women (in fact, it’s one of MAC’s best sellers!), so is definitely one to try if you haven’t previously.


Pink-toned reds are also an option, and can look a little softer if you are not a fan of anything too bold. Nice to Meet You by MAC is a deep pink-red and could work great. There are 200 shades of MAC lipstick currently available, which is why we recommend them for a task as great as finding the perfect red lip.

With a tanned or olive skin tone, you really can afford to experiment and try new hues that not everyone can pull off, so don’t be afraid next time you are at a counter.

If you’ve just come from the beach that’s why you got the tan, but you’re originally pale in skin tone, be sure to go to a counter when you are at your palest so you know the color will work for you regardless of how pale or tanned you get.

Deep skin tones

“It’s always a privilege to work on women with ultra rich, deep skin tones as you can use some of the most divine shades you have at your disposal on the counter, and they never fail to look amazing!,” says makeup artist Rhoda Manipol.

Cherry reds on deeper skin tones are great as they really pop against the skin. It sits so well on all skin colors, but especially the deeper and richer skin tones. It’s one of those shades you could wear with very little makeup with and still look polished. MAC’s La Vie En Rouge is also to die for and has strong red tones with a hint of coral.

Deeper skin tones can also take purple-toned reds and more experimental application such as a deeper shade on the lower lip. Finally, we love Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Lipstick in the shade Irrepressible. It’s quite a deep, strong-toned red with subtle brown undertones. It’s definitely a statement maker, however, but deeper skin tones can take such colors with ease, so don’t be afraid to have a play to see what works for you.

With so many choices and tones available, we can guarantee that the perfect red lip is out there—you just need to know what you’re looking for! What are some of your favorite shades for a red lip?

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