How to Find Love Online


Since it’s only a few days left before Valentine’s Day, perhaps if you’re single, you haven’t really given it much thought. But you still have time to look for a date this coming V-day. will be giving you tips on how to find love (or perhaps that perfect date) online.

We all deserve to find someone special, but finding that person isn’t always easy. Since internet dating emerged in the early 1990’s, it has slowly been growing in popularity. With the numerous dating app available on the Internet, there are more fish in the online dating sea than ever before. You just had to give online dating a chance, and who knows what awaits you? There could just be someone looking for love too. But before you dive right in, here are our top five tricks to help you get going.

Be specific

When you create your profile, don’t forget to include your hobbies, passions and interests that someone might find attractive.

Make sure you are as specific as possible.

Don’t just say you love to travel, mentioned where you’ve been and why you love it.

That may help spark a conversation with a suitor!

Upload real photos of yourself

Photos are so important.

Use a recent photo that highlights your smile and best features.

Including at least two or more photos is also a good idea so people can really see you.

If you get someone to take a photo, do it outside, but not in direct sunlight. The problem with most Pinoys is that we’re so shy of how we look and we aren’t that confident to show who we really are that we’d rather put a photo of a celebrity rather than our own picture. What we did not know is that people who include a full length shot of themselves receive three times as many messages than those who don’t!

Be honest (especially about your age!)

It’s always important to tell the truth in your profile.

Remember, age is just a number that does not define who you are.

Let your personality do the talking for you and watch those matches come rolling in.

Don’t mention past relationships

Your potential matches really don’t want to hear about your ex.

Focus on saying what you’re looking for in a person, and don’t hark back to the past.

Be safe

It’s always good to be cautious when dating.

Never give out your address online and meet your date for the first time in a public place.

Always tell a friend where you’ll be.

If you’re feeling extra anxious, do a Google search on their name.

A little bit of online sleuthing never hurt anyone.

Vance Madrid

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