How to find that dream job?

With the many available job options, how will you know what path is yours?

It is crucial to know where you would want to invest your time.  This is because finding that dream job makes you passionate about it and eventually lead you to your happiness.  It is only when you invest your time not to impress a boss but do what you are born to do will you be truly satisfied in life.

As there are many exciting career paths and ways to utilize your talent, how to know if it’s the one? shares ways to finding that career you love.

Listen to your strength

How to find that dream job?
How to find that dream job?

Know your strengths.   You may be good at almost everything but there will always be one or two that you are at your greatest.  Listen not only to your heart but to what comes easily and naturally for you.  Your strengths are what you can leverage on.   Knowing where you excel will lead you what to aim.   These are the things that will push you further to your dream.  If you are flawless in writing, for instance, try to work in a publication.  You may try to be an editor, author, reporter or writer.

Look back to your past

You may have been through different jobs and still undecided what to push for this time.  Evaluate all the posts you’ve had and determine what you like the most and the least about each responsibility.  Ask yourself when were you the happiest and proudest.

It is only by looking back at past posts would you have a clearer vision of what made you happy.  In the process, you can figure out what you like and hate, and what will bring out the best work and happiest self.

If for the past seven years you’ve seen yourself happiest in the company of books than newspapers, perhaps your calling is to work with publishers and editors than with reporters and correspondents.

Do what makes you happy

You may look at life as something complicated but in reality, life is just simple.  You and your decisions are what make it complicated.  Just answer these questions:  What makes you happy that you can even do it for free?  What makes you happy that you can talk about it passionately? What makes you happy that you imagine yourself still doing 10 or 15 years from now?  If you know the answer to those questions, you’ve most probably found that dream job.

Find that dream job

How to find that dream job?
How to find that dream job?

You may want something glamorous or adventurous.  You may want something that creates an impression on you and to others.   But you may still end up tired and happy.  It is because you still long for something that truly makes you happy.  That something – even without much effort – is what truly reflects your calm, contented, and happy self.  Go through your past posts and note what you enjoyed the most.  Most probably, that position was also when you’ve used your strengths the most.  No doubt, it must be the same career path that will make you happiest and still allow you to grow and learn.  Grab it and never let go of it.

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