Big is Beautiful: Fashion Sense for Plus Sized Pinay!

Big Women

Being overweight has a devastating effect on a woman’s life. They say that big is definitely out. Most women may not be genuinely happy with their size but in a span of years they became comfortable with their excess pounds. 

“I find nicknames such as Telly Tubby, Miss Piggy, Tintanic, and Incredible Bulk hurtful and insulting,” shares Lianne, 20, a victim of name-calling and labeling simply because she’s fat. 

In our society, slim women are often considered to be more attractive and intelligent. Society discriminates against overweight and plus sized women. In the Philippines, there’s more pressure for women to be skinny because the typical built for Filipina are petite. Big boned and chubby are not the norms and it’s more difficult to find good clothes that actually fit. 

“I remember back then, I used to buy clothes that I liked no matter how small they were,, ‘in the hope that someday, I can wear those clothes when I lose weight,” says Mara, 24. 

photo from Ali Express
photo from Ali Express

“Having a skinny sister even made me feel horrible. There was a time when I’d borrow clothes from her and would desperately try to fit into them. She’d get mad at me for stretching them to her a size bigger,” recalls Trixie, 16. 

Plus sized women could be happier, sexier, and become more confident if they could find the right clothes to wear even without necessarily try to slim down, Life would definitely improve if they’d only learn to camouflage their bulges so they could appear fashionable. So what do they need? Popular fashion stylist Liz Uy says, “Fashion sense for full figured women! Stop hiding under those drab, baggy clothes! Show off your fashion sense of style. Go ahead, it’s time to shine!”

Plus Sized Woman

Here are a few tips to make sure plus-sized women can be fashionable enough:

  • Fit is important for full figured women, so make sure to choose the right size. If an item is too tight, don’t force it. (clingy shirt hugging your love handle make you look larger). On the other hand, baggy clothes and horizontal stripes will make you look larger. So avoid those clothes. 
  • Stick to vertical shapes. Avoid loud prints as well. You may cover a big chest with high necklines or by layering with cardigans or kimonos and not-too-bulky jackets. Stay away from breast pockets and go for stream-lined silhouette. 
  • Stick to darker colors, especially for the bottoms. When wearing loose tops, use a more fitted bottom and vice-versa.
  • Capitalize on eye-catching accessories! Make sure the scale of your bags and shoes are appropriate for your body frame. For example, if you have chunky legs, don’t use dainty shoes or Mary Janes–they will only emphasize your size.
  • Thank heavens for shops that sells clothes with sizes for plus sized and full figured women: Maxine, SM Woman Plus, Landmark, Tubby, Forever 21 Plus as well as online shops on both Instagram and Facebook community group pages. 

Being full-figured or plus sized should never stop anyone from living a fashionable life. Fashion transcends all barriers: sex, race, color, even sizes. Lastly, bear in mind that no matter what size you are, be comfortable and learn to love your own body because big is still beautiful. 

Vance Madrid

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