Facts about working in an Office

Office life will depend on how you cope with it the moment you start your shift. If you are new to the company, here are some facts you need to know about life in the office (in no particular order).

You will have to work with people you do not like. Office staff and even clients come from diverse backgrounds. We all have differing beliefs and ideas on almost every topic, be it religion, politics or even how you want something done at work. Yes, you might not like your colleague (or even your boss or client) but you depend on them for your salary.

If you are in a higher position, it is the same thing. The challenge for you is to cooperate with the aforementioned people. They are vital to getting work done. You will have to learn to set aside your biases and look at the merits of each individual. Who knows, you might get to like them and respect them.

Everything is routine. Expect day to day life in the office to be routine. Day in and day out, your tasks will always be the same – punch in, paperwork, break time, more paperwork and other tasks, punch out and go home. But it does not always have to be that way. If creativity is encouraged, try to find ways to make your job bearable (from the boredom and monotony).

No work, no pay. This is not like school where you may be given consideration if you are absent. Understand that you are paid for the hours you spend in the office. That is what the bundy clock (or anything similar to it) and Daily Time Record is for. It monitors your attendance. If you are not there, you certainly will not get paid for the days you missed. Paid leaves are a different story.

If you are a college graduate, you will start at entry level. If you come from a prestigious university, it is unrealistic to assume you will be an executive with your own office fresh out of school.

If you want to start on a career path, learn to live with these. You cannot consider yourself on one if you keep changing jobs because you do not like the conditions of the office. Do not make money your sole motivator. Stick around long enough, and you might someday be in a position to redefine the culture of the office.

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