F1 Hotel, a staycation like no other

F1 Hotel is located inside BGC but the moment you step inside this hotel, you will feel like you are no longer inside the city but in a haven that spells VACATION. This is what a staycation should feel like, from beginning to end and this is what F1 Hotel offers to people who would choose to stay with them.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to when staying at the F1 Hotel.

The Buffet 


The buffet area is situated near the al fresco dining area and the swimming pool area. It’s not that big as to make you feel overwhelmed. The buffet area feels a little bit like a larger version of your dining area. It has a cozy vibe that makes you feel you are at a more upscale version of home.

The food selection is also pretty vast but not too much that quality is sacrificed. The seafood remained fresh and the grills are done to perfection.

The Spa 


This is one of the very few spa services in a hotel that is open till 5am which is perfect for those who may come in late after a night out of partying and needs a much needed respite. As with any 5 star spa, the service was great and the place definitely conducive for relaxing.

The Al Fresco Dining 


In the morning and afternoon, this is the best spot to enjoy a cup of coffee. This can also be a great place to work or simply relax. At night every Friday and Saturday, they have an outdoor movie session which is definitely a must try.

The Room 


The room at F1 Hotel is definitely unique. I think it’s a first for me to see a hotel room with this kind of room set up. It’s actually pretty neat considering that it’s a definite change from the usual which made it feel more like a home rather than a hotel.

Staying at F1 Hotel doesn’t feel like being in a hotel. It feels more like having your home upgraded and never having to clean it again. It felt comfortable, cozy, yet still with that 5 star vibe.

If you want to have a staycation that still feels like home, book a room at F1 Hotel.

Kathy Kenny


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