Expanded Maternity Leave Law Pushed by Women Legislators

Expanded Maternity Leave Law will address the ” Multiple Burden ” of Pregnancy is being pushed by women legislator from both Houses of Congress ( Senate and House of Representatives) .

Expanded Maternity Leave

Senator Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel and Atty. Joy Anne Lai, Chief of Staff ( Diwa Partylist ) Representative Emmeline Aglipay -Villar said that the government should address the ” physical , mental and economic burden of pregnancy .”

Expanded Maternity Leave

Physical Burden

” The physical demand of pregnancy alone is challenging. A nine-month pregnant woman carries an average weight of 15 kilos. This is as heavy as a regular hollow block or mid-size microwave oven. Yet,this is but a small fraction of multiple burden of pregnancy ,” Hontiveros said.’

“The mental and economic challenges of pregnancy are also daunting. The existing maternity law does not give enough paid maternity leave for working mothers to fully recover from childbirth, properly care for their child and establish a stronger mother-child bond through breastfeeding. An expanded maternity leave bill does not mean a vacation for mothers. We want women to have the chance to take care of their children and their health and well-being without worrying about the economic costs of being away from employment, ” Hontiveros added.

Statistics by UNICEF

For her part, Attorney Lai , called on Congress to reciprocate the action of the Senate in passing its version of the Expanded Maternity Leave bill. She said that the country’s alarming statistics on child malnutrition are the result of a lack of a progressive maternity Leave policy . Citing a study by the United Nations Children’s Emergency fund (UNICEF) in 2011,Lai explained that 64.4% or 4.3 million Filipino children are suffering from long-term chronic malnutrition .Malnutrition was also blamed for about one -third of deaths of children below five years of age.

Last week, the Senate passed the Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2017 granting all female workers, regardless of civil status or legitimacy of her child,120 days maternity leave without pay and an option to extend it for another 30 days without pay . 30 days can also be allotted to fathers and alternate caregivers.



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