Evil Within Review

A few years ago, game developer Bethesda and Shinji Mikami created Evil Within, a survival horror game that is spiritually similar to Resident Evil 4. Players control Detective Sebastian Castellanos, a homicide detective from Crimson Police District (CPD). His life changed forever when an ordinary case turned into a dark and terrifying event.

Evil Within did not sell well, as the game is mediocre at best. The story does not make sense, controls are finicky and the letterboxing obscures the player’s vision on tense situations. With these problems marring the game, it’s very surprising to find out that Mikami created the sequel to Evil Within. Can Evil Within 2 improve from its predecessor’s shortcomings? Find out in our review of the survival horror sequel.


The sequel begins a few months after the Beacon Hospital incident, where Sebastian was kicked off the force for mental instability and now spends his days drinking. Haunted by the loss of his daughter and the nightmare he just witnessed, he is visited by his former partner Kidman to inform him that his daughter Lily is alive and in danger. Now Sebastian has to return to STEM and save his daughter from the nightmares that haunt her mind.

The game is surprisingly good, the story finally has structure and the gameplay mechanics is fully revamped. For starters, they add multiple side quests and a bigger map, which makes the game more open ended than linear. They also removed the dreaded letterboxing from the first game and completely removed the traps altogether. Stealth has become easier in Evil Within 2, as zombies are no longer alerted by your flashlight. Gunplay is also vastly improved as shooting beasts never felt more satisfying. Resources are scarce however, as players are forced to scavenge for materials to craft bullets – there is never enough for a full clip.

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Evil Within 2 is not perfect, as hitboxes on enemies are very specific. Headshots can be a bit difficult for newbies because the enemy AI (artificial intelligence) gets smarter in harder difficulty levels. Some bosses are a bit predictable but they use a lot of cheap tactics.

Overall, Evil Within 2 is an amazing improvement from its last version. This is a clear testament of developers listening to their fans and created a solid sequel. Cheers to them and looking forward to their next sequel (if there is one).

Overall Score 4/5

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