Essential oils for weight loss

A lot would want to burn fat and lose weight fast yet safe and effective.  It is for this reason that others turn to essential oils. They have been valued for their amazing healing properties.  However, they are highly concentrated essences derived from the flowers, fruits, leaves, roots and seeds of plants, thus care and caution must be practiced. checked with a few who are into weight loss program using essential oils, and these are what they use:

Essential oils for weight loss
Essential oils for weight loss

Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon essential oil is derived from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree.  It has a warm and sweet scent that helps regulate blood glucose level.  It helps balance blood sugar, thus reduces one’s craving for anything sweet.  Just add cinnamon essential oil to baked goods, fruits, oats, smoothies, and teas.  Make sure, though, that the oil has a vitality sign or that indicates it can be digested.

Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil comes from the grapefruit peel.  It has a sweet and uplifting aroma. Grapefruit essential oil also activates the enzymes in the saliva that help the body break down body fat.  It also enhances fat burning and reduces appetite which results in lower weight.

To use, just add topically to the skin in small amounts.  One may massage it onto the wrists when a craving strikes.  Do not forget to use a carrier oil before applying topically.

One may also inhale the oil directly.  The scent of grapefruit essential oil relaxes the body’s main mechanism that activates the body’s natural process of having food cravings.

Ginger essential oil

Ginger essential oil reduces sugar cravings.  It has gingerols which is scientifically proven to reduce disease-causing inflammation in the intestines and improve absorption of the vitamins and minerals one consumes.  The more vitamins and minerals absorbed, the more support the body’s cellular energy gets to create weight loss.  One needs to add two drops of ginger essential oil to a cup of warm water and drink it like one does in a tea.  Or he may opt to add two to three drops to warm water bath and soak self in the bathtub.

Peppermint essential oil

The fresh, minty, and quite intense scent of  peppermint alone has a big effect on the appetite.

Inhaling peppermint can curb the appetite which may translate to calorie reduction. This is because it affects the area of the brain that makes one feel full.  To use, just diffuse it with grapefruit.

Essential oils for weight loss

Essential oils for weight loss
Essential oils for weight loss

Essential oils are extremely concentrated plant extracts.  Precaution should be taken into consideration before using them for the first time.  Remember, too, that essential oils applied topically should always be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to the skin.

Most would want to be physically fit and attractive. As some still visit the gym and rely on their trainer, others opt for essential oils.  Many claim that these essential oils are good alternatives, too, for weight loss.

If you are into some serious weight loss program, perhaps you would want to try essential oils as well.

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