How to enjoy the raw food Diet

Most nutritionists attest that raw produce gives the most nutrients and minerals that our mind and body need. Raw fruits, vegetables, and even grains are bursting with vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals believed to protect us from degenerative disease. Other benefits of eating raw are guaranteed weight loss and a cleaner body.

How to enjoy raw food Diet?
How to enjoy raw food Diet?

The opposite of raw, of course, is a cooked meal. It is said that heating or cooking the food destroys its natural enzymes. Additionally, the heating process denaturalizes or destroys the vitamins and minerals present in the food. As not everyone can eat raw, a cooked meal is what they choose.

Many people swear that opting for a raw food diet boosts immunity, improves memory, and clears up allergies and headaches. So for those who would love to take the path of eating food in its blissful state of all all-natural and unprocessed, introduces you how to get started.

Drink your fruits and veggies

How about starting your day with a fresh smoothie or a fruit juice? This is especially for people who find it hard to eat fruits and vegetables in its most natural form. The easiest way to get your daily servings of needed fruits and vegetables is through juicing or blending.

Juicing provides a very nutrient-dense beverage and a low-fiber diet. It can, however, be more expensive as you will be needing a greater volume of produce to complete the ingredients. Blending, on the other hand, retains the fiber in the raw produce. You can also feel fuller as a smoothie is thicker and may include other kinds of food such as nuts, seeds, and yogurt.

How to enjoy raw food Diet?
How to enjoy raw food diet?

Eat more greens

Nutritionists say that eating a salad almost every day is one of the healthiest and probably the easiest habits to form too. First, it is convenient to prepare as you only need a few greens, top it with some fruits and may include some farm meat then drizzle with a salad dressing or even an olive oil.

Consuming a bowl of salad means getting a load of antioxidants which the body needs to protect it from damage caused by the harmful free radicals. Salad, too, is a high-fiber diet which can lower cholesterol level, prevent constipation, and help lose weight

Explore raw recipes

Eating pasta is not that sinful especially if you use an uncooked sauce like the marinara sauce. This kind of sauce is only made from sun-dried and fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and olive oil, and a dash of salt and pepper to taste. You may altogether ditch the traditional floor-based noodles and make your own, opting for parsnip, sweet potato, turnip, squash, and broccoli.

You may even explore making a pizza crust using vegetables. Again, drop the traditional flour-based crusts and substitute broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, spinach, sweet potato, and even zucchini.

How to enjoy raw food Diet?
a vegetarian pizza

Yummy treats

Who would not love bringing some yummy treats with them?  As you wait for a ride home or burn the midnight oil for a long overdue term paper, surely you have some chips to munch and accompany you?  Now, how about opting to carry some raw food with you?

Dried fruits and nuts are good options.  These contain fiber, healthy fats, and protein.  But you may keep your portions under control as these snacks are a good source of calories, too.

Enjoy raw food diet

The raw food diet is not recommended for any special or specific health condition.  Its promise though is a sure weight loss, which is good for almost anyone’s general health.  A raw food diet also means high in fiber and low in calories food.  Before starting on this kind of diet, though, it is prudent to check with your doctor first.  Should he approve, this first step to a healthier lifestyle will lead you to just about anywhere. Because adjusting one’s food preference is a lifestyle change that can be real challenging.

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