How to enjoy peaceful coexistence with Others

It is inevitable. We live to co-exist with others. Inasmuch as we would prefer to be a loner, we are inhabitants of Earth and are expected to at least recognize others and live despite our vast differences. In fact, everyone is part of the smallest unit of a community called family. That alone shows we are not alone. We are bound to interrelate with a commitment to tolerance, respect, and possibly, acceptance.

How to enjoy peaceful Coexistence
How to enjoy peaceful Coexistence

However, finding solace when you most needed it can sometimes be difficult and quite impossible. shares smart ways how to enjoy peaceful coexistence.

Cease to change others

Do not decide for others and rule their lives. Focus instead your energies on checking your shortfalls. There may be a possibility that as you change yourself for the better, you will inspire the people around to change. It is prudent that instead of meddling with others’ lives, do a self-improvement first instead.

Claim your independence

Be your own brand. Be recognized and stand out from the rest. You live your life only once so you might as well live it to the fullest. Follow your dreams and pursue what your heart desires. Think of yourself as a good brand that others consider as a gold mine. Never mind what others think and say against you. Again, claim your autonomy.

How to enjoy peaceful Coexistence
How to enjoy peaceful Coexistence

Give your trust

Relationships are mostly built on trust. To coexist with others, especially those close to your heart, trust is important. It is opening one’s heart and sharing what you are thinking or feeling without the thought of being ridiculed or criticized. Same thing that it is letting the other person know you are worthy of his time, friendship perhaps, and love even.

Let others be themselves

Extend to those around you the same respect you would want to get. This is the essence of the Golden Rule. Suspend any judgment, give consideration if needed, and offer respect at all times. Allow others to be themselves just the way you would want that space for yourself. By giving the freedom to let them express who they are gives you the same independence to be you.

Keep your distance

As it is essential to be familiar with your environment, it is equally important when to distance yourself when needed. Being away, though, doesn’t mean you’ve lessened your fondness or affection towards the person. It is more about honoring one’s physical space when he needs some alone time.

The same as having a relationship with others. As you know your place in his heart. For instance, it is still prudent not to give the whole you. The little space you kept for yourself will be your starting point  should things do not work out properly. You still have a little something for yourself to start anew.

Enjoy peaceful coexistence

How to enjoy peaceful Coexistence
How to enjoy peaceful Coexistence

You are given a life to live. However, you are not alone in this world as you need to coexist with others. Amid the presence of others, be reminded that your purpose is to proceed with life and live a charmed life. To have a healthy relationship with people around you, never doubt their trust in you the same way you never doubt your trust in them. Allow them to live their own life and respect the space they very well deserve. Most importantly, never force them to change but instead, examine yourself and begin in yourself the change you are looking for.

We live to coexist with others. You cannot change that fact. If all else fails, and still you find it hard to relate to others, do the last move – distance yourself.

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