Enhance your parenting skills now

To be a parent is no joke. Cliche as it may sound, parents aren’t issued any instruction manual to study. It may take years of practice or even forever to deal with issues on, for one, proper disciplining of children. Nonetheless, it is a commitment bonded by love, openness to acceptance, and forgiveness. PSST.ph details ways to improve one’s parenting skills and in a way, make the parent-child relationship harmonious and eventually both parties happy.

Actively listen

Enhance your parenting skills now
Enhance your parenting skills now

Despite your busy schedule, you will always come home. It is recommended that you treat your home as a refuge. Once with your family, put aside office work or any distracting thoughts that may hinder your kid from coming near his parent. Allot a time for him. Listen to his stories and laugh or cry even with him. Once your child sees and feels that his parent listens to him, he will not have second thoughts coming near you for advice or just to bond. Remember, once the parent shows he cares, he shows love in the process. The child will feel that love.

Be in control of your emotions

More than being regarded as a cool parent, being in control of your emotion means not letting anger, hatred or fear rule you especially if around the child. This is because anytime you lose control and argue with someone, for instance, you are displaying a weakness a young mind may absorb as an appropriate reaction.

As a parent, it is important that you show you have such high emotional intelligence. If for instance, you do lose your cool, an apology is but proper. Or at least take responsibility for that anger and enlighten the little one it wasn’t the right behavior to follow.

Be patient

As a parent, you need not only be patient with your child. You should all the more be patient with yourself. You are, after all, human, too. A parent gets to commit mistake and all it takes is to be a man to admit and face its consequences. Same with not expecting your kid to do everything flawlessly according to your standards.

Mistakes and wrong decisions happen. Misfortune takes place, too. For wrongdoings, do not expect your child nor yourself to change overnight. It takes time.  Change even happens gradually.

Model the appropriate behavior

Enhance your parenting skills now
Enhance your parenting skills now

As a parent, you should be a role model to your child. Have you heard of the famous saying “Monkey see, monkey do?” A child mimics his elders especially if he finds the act fascinating. Aside from the lessons he learns from school, he also adapts the behavior of the people around him, especially his parents. Make sure then that what he will copy from you is the suitable and acceptable behavior.

Open self to learning

Every child is different. The way one parent disciplines his kid may not work well with others. Be extra sensitive then on how a kid reacts to his parent’s treatment. Acknowledge if you made a mistake and move on. Be open to suggestions, same with allowing yourself to learn.

Show love

Showing love isn’t a sign of weakness but of strength. Saying “I love you” isn’t wrong because the truth is, parents do love their children. Shower the kiddo hugs and kisses as often as you can and as long as the little one permits you to. Remember, a child who gets lots of cuddles and kisses feel secure and loved.

Showing love also translates to actively engaging with the youngster. It means putting away all the distraction and focusing on the child alone, giving your 100 percent attention.

Enhance your parenting skills now

Enhance your parenting skills now
Enhance your parenting skills now

A good parenting skill isn’t acquired overnight. It is learned through time. It is understood through interacting with the child himself. Do not rush yourself to acquire the good traits of a parent. These traits are set by individuals depending on their standards. All a parent should do is act with kindness.  He should also be open to acceptance and forgive himself and his loved ones abundantly.

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