Encourage a non-sporty kid to be active

School is over and sports camps and summer activities are aplenty.  These not only offer total fun and enjoyment as kids get to discover their interests as well.  Most importantly, children learn life lessons and develop their social behavior, too.   Also, sports camps offer a nurturing environment away from the hustle and bustle of city living.  Further, it may be at summer camps that they meet their very first best friends.

Encourage a non-sporty kid to be active
Encourage a non-sporty kid to be active

How can a parent encourage his child, though, to join sports camps and active play school even if he is not sporty?  PSST.ph lists down a few pointers.

Look for fun activities

Kids love to do things that they consider enjoyable.  Find activities that spell fun for them.  If you are to enlist your child in a kid’s camp, let him experience first how it goes.  Go camping as a family.  Bring him to parks. By the time you will introduce the class to him, tell him he will attend a similar activity but this time with new friends.

Opt for age-appropriate activities

Often, children dislike activities that they find too difficult to follow or understand. Chess, for instance, may be introduced to kids at six years old, but definitely something they may find boring at age two to four.   If you would want your little tyke to excel in a certain sport, introduce it early but don’t push if your kid shows objection.

Go out

If you opt for your child to love active sports, go outside and play.  He needs to experience it first hand.  There are great chances, too, that he will like basketball or soccer, for instance, if he sees the same interest in you.

Lead the family to hike, enjoy nature, and look forward to weekend sports. Play with your kiddo.  Do not forget, too, to buy him basketball if you are into that kind of game.  That would all the more encourage him to play and practice

Read books about sports

Excite your little one about soccer or basketball through books.  There are plenty of sports-themed books to provoke his interest.  It would help as well if you let him watch television shows about the sport he will join in.  Or how about let him experience it first hand by playing every weekend.  It will all the more help if you bring him to stadiums or courts and watch a match or two.

Encourage a non-sporty kid to be active

Encourage a non-sporty kid to be active
Encourage a non-sporty kid to be active

Encourage a non-sporty kid to be active.  This will definitely help him drop or at least reduce the amount of time spent being inactive.  The huge amount of time spent in playing the iPad or watching television shows may bring problems in the long run.  More so, camp activities and sports provide a natural environment for kids to exercise, meet friends, and relax. Sports also are a good platform for children to build their confidence, develop self-confidence, and enjoy a healthy, productive life.

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