The Abuse That Slowly Kills Any Kind of Relationship

Abuse is a sensitive thing to talk about. But as citizens living in the present generation, we have to recognize the existence of this unwanted reality happening among us and do something about it. The effect may be unrecognizable but if not dealt with seriously, it may gradually affect the entire community.

Abuse has different kinds. It can be physical abuse, abuse against husband or wife, abuse on children, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and financial abuse among the most common ones present in our society.

These kinds of abuse affect many Filipinos but one of the most important abuse being neglected but has a great impact on us is the emotional abuse. It is referred to as an emotional maltreatment.

How can we know if we are or someone is being abused emotionally? Emotional abuse includes acts such as ignoring, rejecting, verbally assaulting, terrorizing, neglecting or isolating, bullying, threatening, insulting, and intimidating.

Emotional abuse
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Many of us have experienced this kind of abuse. It can be at school or work place, among our friends, or even in our family. We may not be recognizing someone experiencing the abuse. But results can be manifested by how someone behaves and reacts to specific situations. Someone who experiences emotional abuse may show aggression, hostility and isolation, changes in emotion, lack of confidence, social anxiety, mistrust, and neglect.

One of the most important manifestations of emotionally abused individuals that greatly affects their relationship with others is neglect. When one starts neglecting, he may lose caring not only about himself but also the people and the things happening around him. Possible signs of neglect are overweight or underweight, developmental delay (among young children), feeling sick or tired, poor personal hygiene, consistently ignoring, rejecting, teasing, aggression, and isolation.

Why do these things happen? One of the main reasons for these unwanted behaviour is stress. Work, studies, or the people and situations we deal with may bring stress. Someone who experiences stress and related personal feats is predisposed to the pit of emotional abuse that may lead to neglect.

As people living in a fast-paced society, we are at great risk in experiencing emotional abuse. It is a personal battle that might ruin us and our personal relationship with others. It is advised to avoid stress and stay away with hot-tempered people or those who have negative thoughts and intentions. Anger is a strong element that affects not only one’s emotional state but also the people around.

Show how to control angry words towards others, listen to the stories of others and what they have to say, communicate with one another without remorse, and offer help to those who need it. Controlling your actions, emotions, and thoughts should start in the family. It should start with the people whom you truly care about.

Parents should train how to control their anger and words when disciplining their children. Children should learn the negative effects of bullying and how it affects others. Working with others should be pleasant with kind words and compassion. Do not belittle your workmates. Friendship should be awesome with understanding and consideration.

The Bible says “Love one another.” – John 15:12. Serve one another, be kind to one another, comfort one another, edify one another, forgive one another, relieve the oppressed and work for justice.


Do you know someone who is abused? Be an advocate. Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Offer a hand to those who are needy. Speak up and judge fairly and defend the rights of those who are abused.

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