Easy tips for Hassle-Free Christmas


There’s so much to do around Christmas time, but even the busiest person should have some time to enjoy the festivities – so why not do some preparation as early as now? December is busy with holiday parties, last minute gift buying, wrapping presents, house cleaning for all the family visits, cooking and baking, and so much more.

We’ve round up a few tips on how to create a hassle-free Christmas (or at least try to.)

Stock up on holiday decor


Think of the mood you want for your space. Will you go for rustic holiday setup, a traditional one, or a winter wonderland theme? It’s all up to you on what particular look you may want to achieve for your space. Party favor shops have a wide selection of decors available.

Wrap your presents early (but do not forget the tag!)


As early as now, you should wrap your Christmas presents. Yes, start wrapping the gifts you have bought. Some department stores and specialty shops offer free gift-wrapping services which you can avail of.  Psst.ph suggests that you take advantage of them. After all, they’re free for as long as you have made the purchase at their stores. Alternatively, to really personalize your gifts, you can buy wrappers, boxes, ribbons and bags and get your creative juices to flow. One mom we know would ask her kids to draw on huge cartolina or oslo paper and their artworks will be her wrapper. By doing this, she gets to encourage her kids to be creative with art while saving up on gift wrappers too. The best part is the gifts are more appreciated because the receivers know it was done with a personal touch by her kids’ artwork.

Finalize your Christmas Menu


By now, you’ll already have an idea how many parties and guests you will be having over the holidays. List down the dishes you may want to prepare for each party–take into consideration the kind of guests (like if there’s a vegan or more senior citizens). Once the menu is finalized, make your grocery list. You can also pre-order dishes from your favorite restaurants.

Clean your house and decorate your home

No matter how busy you are, take time to do some general cleaning. Your home will be seeing a great influx of guests, after all, and you’ll have to impress not only through your decors but also through your home’s overall presentation. Even the simplest decor will also be made better if the home is clean and organized.

Since everything’s been prepared in advance, you now have the luxury of leisurely waiting for your guests. And with all the holiday stress out of the way, you will be able to fully enjoy the good food and company. Good luck!


Vance Madrid

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