Duterte and what he had to say

Duterte has always been a controversial person ever since word came about that he would be running for President. It is almost purely black and white for a lot of people. People either support him 100% or they hate him 100%. One thing that everyone can say is that people have become very passionate about this election and Duterte plays a big part as to why.


Duterte gave a speech that lasted 79 minutes at the Makati Business Club Presidential Dialogue held earlier this morning at the Rigodon Ballroom of The Manila Peninsula Hotel. He addressed a lot of issues that have been raised against him and gave out his platform.

I am not the man I am portrayed to be by some.

This was the opening remarks of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

On economic growth

There can be no economic growth if there is no peace and order.

On peace and order

Duterte stands by his belief that the first thing we need to address in the country is the lack of peace and order. He stated that progress cannot happen in a place filled with criminals who feel insecure and lash out at the people of this country. He stated that he wants to strengthen and increase police capability so they can perform their duties well.

Duterte aims to accomplish this by increasing the base salary of law enforcers and military personnel from Php14,000 to Php28,000. If the personnel are earning enough, there would be less reason to be corrupt. Duterte acknowledges that he cannot run our country with a corrupt law enforcement.

He also mentioned that he knows that our own police are involved in drugs and that there are some who are drug addicts himself. He was very clear to say that it is not all, but that there is. The police is too lax in his mind and this is something that he will address. Another thing he mentioned is that is it true that he slaps people, especially police officers who do not do the right thing or have committed a crime.

On extra-judicial killings

Duterte said that he is being castigated for being brutally honest. For him, he will definitely use the police and military to go out and make arrests. If the perpetrator fights back and endangers the life of the police or military personnel, he will give the order to shoot. If a perpetrator will hurt his people (citizens and law enforcers) then yes, he will kill because this is his country.

This does not mean that he will just go out and kill people. He will exercise due process but if needed, he will not hesitate to give the order to shoot. For him, the lives of innocents matter more than the life of one person who is already endangering the lives of many.

On being a womanizer

Duterte stated that he is already annulled. He is separated from his wife. Yes, he had a girlfriend but he has already given her up. He stated that everyone has someone, even the married ones. He even went as far to state that in the ballroom that he was speaking in, a lot of the men there had their own side chick which elicited a nervous laugh from many men.

On the rape statement

Duterte recounted what happened to the young missionary who was murdered and how when he saw the bodies of the murdered innocent. He recounted how he knelt and cried. His statement about “nauna pa sila kay Mayor” was thug speak. This was how he grew up. In fits of anger, thugs would make statements similar to what he said but it did not mean that he was pro-rape or would rape a woman. This was taken purely out of context. He acknowledges that this was in bad taste and has apologized but wanted to make it clear that it was the thug side of him and that this was way back. An old issue that was being rehashed to attack him.

On the story that he killed a woman by pushing her off a helicopter

Duterte said that he could never kill a woman or a child. He swears on the life of his children and on his own that he would never hurt a woman or a child. If it was a man, then yes it’s possible but for him to throw a woman out of a helicopter, this would never happen.

On being voted as President

Duterte calmly stated to everyone that if they have doubts or do not believe that he deserves to win, they should not kid themselves. He encourages them to vote for someone else should they not have faith in him.

On education

He wants to increase scholarship. He also plans to add training programs to increase the capability and abilities of the teachers. He believes that education is the key to ensuring that our countrymen would have better lives. “They need to be educated to get out of poverty.” He even joked to the Indian officials that were present to talk to their people. He said he is okay with the whole 5’6 scheme since there are no financial programs to help people out but that he wishes that the same Bumbay wouldn’t peddle stuff on people borrowing money from them, ensuring that they would be forever indebted. There was a mix reaction to this statement but if you look at it closely, it is the truth. Our country needs to be educated about handling of finances to break the cycle of debt and poverty.

On current programs by the administration

Duterte firmly stated that he will continue the programs that are already benefitting people and that are beneficial to the country. He has no problems copying the programs of others if it will be for the good of the Filipino people.

On health

Duterte stated that he plans to commit the entire funds of PAGCOR to pay for those that have been verified by their barangay as needing operations. He will ask all hospitals, public and private, to open their doors to those who cannot pay because he guarantees that he will be the one to pay. He said of course that he will ask for a discount but he wants to ensure that every citizen that has been confirmed as needing hospitalization and operation would be taken care of.

On infrastructure

Duterte will not stop the plans for infrastructure. He will push through with all the current plans.

On agriculture

Duterte stated that it was sad that they only gave the lands to the farmers just as El Nino started. He said that he will not continue the current land reform but that he will study the land reform and give a better program that will benefit the farmers and agriculture. “We need to give back the lands to the rightful owners.”

Duterte’s last message was about corruption. He asked his fellow countrymen to simply STOP.

STOP what you are doing.

This is simply an accurate summary of what Mayor Duterte stated. 

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