Dunkin’ Donuts offers new products and service

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the brands that gives you the best gustatory journey. It never fails to satisfy your sweet cravings for donuts. Its soft, flavorful, and yummy classic and premium donuts are surely among your favorites for years.

Aside from serving you the sought after all-time favorites and the usual half a dozen or dozen box that is a choice for pasalubong or personal consumption, Dunkin’ Donuts never fails to upgrade its product line and promotions, keeping its patrons excited and clamoring for more.

Just recently as seen on Dunkin’ Donuts Philippines website, it’s offering the following exciting products and service.


Premium Heart Donut

Get a Premium Heart donut for a limited time only for ₱35.00 each. Flavors available are Strawberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Key Lime Cheesecake, and Chocolate Cheesecake.

Mini Dunkin’ Heart

From February 1 to 15, Dunkin’ Donuts offers heart-shaped, chocolate-dipped mini donuts with Purple Yam trickles, only ₱135.00 for three (3) boxes of three or ₱45 per box.

Mini Dunkin Hearts

Obsession Sampler

Enjoy 30 pieces bite-sized Choco Butternut, Choco Honey Dip, Choco Wacko, Cheese Trickles and Choco Trickles for only ₱299.00

Dozen Donuts and D’Coffee Box Combo

Grab your perfect assortment of these soft, delectable, and yummy donuts to delight your sweet appetite for only ₱499.00!

The following are the classic donuts to choose from:

– Sugar Raised

– Strawberry Filled

– Strawberry Candy Sprinkle

– Nutty Chocolate

– Honey Dip

– Choco Marble

– Choco Frosted

– Choco Candy Sprinkle

-Choco Bavarian

– Boston Kreme

– Bavarian Filled

Dunkin Yan Chocollection

Choose Your Donuts by selecting six (6) pieces of Premium Donuts and three (3) pieces of Classic Donut plus 10 pieces Dunkin Yan for only ₱299.00.

The following are the donuts to choose from:


– Dark Choco Berry

– Choco Honey Dip

– Choco Butternut


– Nutty Chocolate

– Choco Marble

– Choco Frosted

– Choco Candy Sprinkle

– Choco Bavarian

– Boston Kreme

Obsession Collection

Get Six (6) Premium Donuts and 12 Munchkins of any flavor for only ₱249.00.

The following are the premium donuts to choose from:

– Sansribav

– Red Velvet Cream Cheese

– Quezo Duo

– Dark Choco Berry

– Choco Honey Dip

– Choco Butternut

– Blueberry Cheese

Wacko Collection

Purchase Six (6) Premium Choco Wacko and/or Premium Donut and 12 Munchkins of any flavor for only ₱249.00.

Promo is extended until June 30, 2018!
Promo is extended until June 30, 2018!


Quench your thirst with these refreshing drinks!

Fruit Tea

Mango or Strawberry-₱85.00

Dunkin' Donuts Fruit Tea

Milk Tea

Classic or Taro- ₱95.00

Dunkin Donuts' Milk Tea

Icy Orange

Medium- ₱35.00

Large ₱40.00

Icy Orange

Ice Tea

Medium- ₱35.00

Large-  ₱40.00

Icy Tea

Aside from walk-in, you can purchase your favorite donuts and drinks from Dunkin’ Donuts right on your doorstep. For deliveries, you may call 988-7288 or visit https://delivery.dunkindonuts.ph/products.

Dunkin' Donuts Delivery

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