Dungeon Inc. Mobile Game Review

Did you ever want to be the ruler of your own dungeon? Manage the monsters and gold that flows in its stone floors? Doing these things are now possible thanks to Dungeon Inc., a mobile tapping game available at Google Play and at the iOS store.

What is Dungeon Inc.

Dungeon Inc. is a freemium tapping game for mobile devices similar to A Girl Adrift and Tap heroes. Created by Pik Pok Games, the story is about a CEO, who after “firing” the former manager, hires the player to successfully handle the profits of his dungeon empire while keeping attackers at bay.

Art Direction and Music

The characters and monsters in Dungeon Inc. are seen in a new light thanks to its quirky art style. The music pops up with catchy beats every time the player accomplishes a task.



Since Dungeon Inc. is a tapping game, it follows the usual rules of auto playing and screen tapping to make the game progress faster. The only difference with this game is the “insurance fraud” mechanic, where the player sacrifices their hard built dungeon/s for money, resulting with a fresh start but with better upgrades.


PVP and combat

Growing a Dungeon monopoly isn’t the only activity in the game. Other times fighting to become the best is another way to earn rewards in Dungeon Inc.
Raids provide a nice competitive spin from the usual tapping in game. Players attack and defend their dungeon against real life opponents to earn keys to either: increase their title rank, exchange rare traps or spells for their dungeons or unlock PVP chests. The possibilities are endless.tmp_18239-Screenshot_2017-09-08-18-49-40-1042887327

Overall the game is a fun way to pass the time with its quirky characters, fun music and simple gameplay. The only thing that limits the game is its grindy nature and a few ads here and there, but other than that, Dungeon Inc. is a 4/5 at best.


Juan Paulo Pereña

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