Dulcet Lifestyle

With the many shopping malls sprouting left and right, it can become quite overwhelming when most of the time, you just really want to find key pieces for your shopping needs. This is where Dulcet Lifestyle comes into play. A one of a kind concept store that has curated items on display, this store is purposely designed for the best kind of convenience that can be provided for the established, independent fashion and lifestyle brand.

Dulce Lifestyle makes sure that all things would satisfy the brand partners! This results in less work yet  plus the right placement for each product, highlighting its best feature to its fullest advantage for all their brand partners.


All decisions made and done are all for our brand partners’ benefit and they make sure that all things would satisfy the brand partners! This results in less work and more income plus the right placement for each product, highlighting its best feature to its fullest advantage.

Dulcet Lifestyle welcomes sellers who are looking for a classy store to sell their wares or creations at an affordable rate. Dulcet also has an online shop but they allow online shoppers to claim their items from any of our brand partners in the store for free. They understand that online delivery may not always be the best option to customers and this is how they show their flexibility and ability to cater to customer needs.


Dulcet is open not only to local sellers but any emerging brand, local or otherwise that is young and hip. They are one of the first concept stores that can be found in the Commonwealth area.

Finding the store is easy since it is located on the 2nd floor of Shopking just right across the escalator and elevator. Shopking is located along the highway of Commonwealth avenue and border of Fairview. The mall is in the integration of both commercial and residential areas.

In line with making things easier for brands who want to partner with Dulcet Lifestyle, they accept partners on a first pay, first serve basis. If interested, you may check out www.dulcetlifestyle.com and see what brand ambassadors Yayo Aguila, Japoy Lizardo, Diego Gutierrez, and many more have to say about Dulcet.

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Dulcet Lifestyle provides personal accounts to be logged in their website in order for brand partners to track and manage their sales, inventory, delivery report, and many more. Brand partners are also given the freedom to do what is best for their section and they have free reign in stall and signage designs, choice of space, and beautifying their section.

Since Dulcet loves their brand partners, they have decided to also do a promo for this month.  First 10 pairs to pay their reservation fee (which is equal to their 1-month advance payment already) will get 3 months of discount on their rental space. Simply do the following steps.
–    Follow them on instagram (@dulcetlifestyle) and facebook (fb.com/dulcetlifestyle)
–    Contact them through the following details: SMS/Viber 09175144749 dulcetlifestylehub@gmail.com
–    Brand partners just need to ensure deposit will be made  within 3 weeks starting today to avail of this promotion.


Dulcet is the best store partner that an up and coming fashion brand can hope to have in the north of the city. To all the fashionistas out there, get ready to invade Dulcet Lifestyle this November when they finally open their stores. Don’t forget to follow them for more updates.

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