Books for a Cause: Your Books, My Future

Children of the 80s grew up reading The Nancy Drew Files, Goosebumps and Sweet Valley High series. The late 90s introduced us to the very first Harry Potter book. I remember the frustration of not being among the first people to own every book of the series because they were always sold out as soon as they become available at National Bookstore. I thought that was unfortunate. I was wrong. Mr. Ramil Sumangil, founder and managing director of Books for a Cause made me realize what the word unfortunate really means when I participated in one of his advocacy events. I learned that there are thousands of children living in remote and depressed areas who have no access to books.

No access to books. Eeekkk.

Books for a Cause
Books for the Mangyans

Books for a Cause advocacy started when Mr. Ramil Sumangil was invited by his former teacher in Nueva Ecija to deliver an inspirational talk to the graduating class of Baloy Elementary School. When he returned to his alma mater, he learned that the school doesn’t have a decent library and the children don’t have access to books.  He brought old reference books and encyclopedias he collected from family members and friends and initiated the Books for a Cause first project, the Baloy Community Library. Since then, more than 25 Munting Aklatan has been installed in different parts of the country.

Books for a Cause is celebrating its 5th year of sharing on April 1, 2016. They will be bringing books to the kids of Sawata in Navotas City. Sawata is an area alongside the bay where informal settlers reside.

Books for a Cause

Books are meant to be read and not gather dusts on the bookshelves. Be a part of the Books for a Cause advocacy by donating your old books. The children who cannot afford to buy books will benefit from your books. To know more about Books for a Cause, visit their facebook page at

Drop your book donations at the following venues:


c/o Ramil E. Sumangil
414 Barcelona, Vista de Lago
Tuktukan, Taguig City
1637 Philippines

Mobile:  0929-808-2664;  0977-173-9628


BOOKS FOR A CAUSE – Galas,  Quezon City

c/o Catherine Advincula-Fernandez
St. Pio Printing Services
44 Plaridel St., Brgy. Dona Aurora, Galas, Quezon City
(across Banawe St. near E. Rodriguez)

Mobile:   0917-828-5623

BOOKS FOR A CAUSE – UP Diliman,  Quezon City

c/o Ms. Sarah
Art Circle Cafe
Bahay ng Alumni, University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City

Mobile:  0906-603-3920

Roselle Cee Tee

A coca-cola dependent life-form who is torn between eating and getting fit. I used to play tennis and dance zumba but is now curious if I can run farther than 500 meters. I need wi-fi like PopEye needs spinach. Bucketlist: learn how to swim and ride a bike.

  • I am an advocate of reading books. I used to have a lot of books, most were already given to various agencies. :) I used to … I cut class to go to National Bookstore to read books. How about that?

    By the way, I grew up reading Hardy Boys. :) I used to buy them, hardbound, 18 pesos. Back then, 18 pesos can also buy one whole roasted chicken (Country Chicken) or Savory fried chicken.

    • I developed my love for reading at a very young age because my dad had a subscription with Reader’s Digest and Manila Bulletin and my mom MOD magazine. When I was in kinder (yup I can read at age 4 because my mom was a teacher and she taught me to write and read even before going to school!) I had my own subscription of Pambata Magazine and Funny Komiks. Made me wonder, how much were Pambata Magazine and Funny Komiks back then (1980).

  • Its great to know that there are advocacies this. I can still remember when I was still studying, we will usually go to the library to make our assignments because of the limited number of books that we have and we can’t afford the expensive ones.

    • I was already in college when I started going to the library. UST has a huge library and made me realize how insufficient my school’s (elem and HS) library was. I have 2nd hand books when I was in elementary and high school. Hand me downs from the children of my mom’s friends who were a year ahead of me.

      • Hi! Do you mind sharing where your elementary / high school libraries were? I’m looking for a place to donate my old fiction books, thanks!

    • Hey! If you know where I can donate my old books please let me know twitter yeniraboca thanks :)

  • Berlin Domingo

    An advocate of reading books here. All my three boys are now into reading, perhaps because they have seen their parents read one or two or because we read every night before going to bed and they thought it’s the norm. I also remember when we had our Book Drive some 14 years ago. Schools in Valenzuela and Malolos benefited from that drive and our company was even awarded finalist by Anvil.

    • It feels great to meet people who love reading. I still dream of owning a mini library and have it accessible to anybody who wants to read.

  • I am a self-confessed bookworm and I am so grateful that you made me aware of this fantastic initiative! Reading whether its for learning or for pleasure should never be taken for granted!

    Now I know where to donate my books for a beautiful cause! Keep up the amazing work! :)

    • I used to keep all my books for years. It was after I got to attend Books for a Cause that it felt easy to let go of my books so that other kids may read them. I was able to donate four huge boxes :)

  • Alison Bergstrom Grant

    I love to read! Even now I always have a book that I am reading and life doesn’t feel right when I don’t have another one waiting! This is a great cause and wonderful people who are focused on the right thing. I can’t imagine a childhood without books.

    • Kids nowadays are more in gadgets and it’s sad that their parents can afford to buy them books but they are not into reading. And then there are kids who can’t afford either gadgets or books. Gladly there’s Books for a Cause that collects old books for these kids.

  • I have loved books. I loved the feel of the pages and I loved how they smell. I am a voracious reader. Never have I thought that reading, which I consider as one of my simple joys, could be a luxury to some. Spread books, spread knowledge and spread love.

    • I’m into e-books since I transferred to a smaller house but I occasionally buy paperbacks. I love the smell of the paper!

  • Will check if there are still left over books from the last ones we gave out last year, great advocacy!

    • Wow thank you! I was really surprised by the happy smiles of the kids when they received the books during the event I attended. It’s great to see them get hooked on reading.

  • Cai

    I love the advocacy, I should read this article a head of time so ill be able to donate book for the April 1’s event.

  • Riley

    Powerful and inspiring. When I publish my first book I intend to donate many many of them to those in need

    • Looking forward to your first book! It is also my dream of having a book published.

  • Charu Chhitwal

    This is a very beautiful initiative. I always gift books to everyone around me. But have never really participated in something like this