Do It Yourself (DIY) Laundry: Why Is It So Popular?

Do It Yourself (DIY) self service Laundromats are sprouting up all over the place. If it is any indication, they are a godsend to a lot of people who barely have time to do “traditional” laundry.

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Self-service laundromats are considered a godsend to people living in the cities and those on the go who barely have time to do their laundry. C: Laundry Business Philippines – Kyzen

DIY self service laundry is not new. They have been around for a long time in the form of coin operated laundry. The problem was they are not that widespread and could only be found in a few places. With the introduction of better machines and payment system, They have become overnight sensations. Here is why.

The reason is rather obvious, self service laundromats offer quick and convenient service. These laundromats would have a combination of a washing machine and dryer. The average time it takes to do your laundry by yourself is one hour – 30 (or 35 minutes) washing time, 30 minutes drying time. There is an additional charge if you are to drop off your laundry (let the person in charge do it for you) and you pick it up at a later time.

Some DIY laundromats may require you to bring your own detergent (they encourage you to also add fabric conditioner) though some will provide you (with additional cost).  A word of advice though, a lot of DIY laundromats want you to use a certain brand of powdered detergent (if you intend to use one) such as Tide or Ariel but not Surf or Champion. Liquid detergent is highly encouraged.

Compared to traditional laundry and even other laundry services, DIY laundry is faster. It would take a day or two to complete the chore. In other laundry services, it takes time because of the queue.

DIY laundry pretty much eliminates the need of a laundryperson (labandera) which would be an added expense. Drying is done the old-fashioned way (out in the sun) and it would be a drag if it rains, thereby delaying the drying time for laundry.

DIY laundry is proven to be popular among city folk, particularly those living in condominiums or those with hectic and barely have time to do the laundry by themselves though they may have to do the ironing since a lot of DIY laundromats do not have ironing facilities (one disadvantage).

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