Different Types of “Ipis”

Fear of Ipis, or cockroach in English, takes away the manliness of men and the classiness of women, whether we like it or not. Once we encounter this useless bug flying towards us or heading towards our direction, we panic, run, or freeze in motion – unable to comprehend what to do for out next move.

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This fear of cockroaches we have isn’t natural for us, but due to our external experiences with someone who also fears it, we then acquire it. In my lifetime of fearing this despicable bug, I have come to assess that there are actually a few (funny) types of this gross creature that we can actually categorize. Here are some.

The Clingy

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The clingy type is the one who doesn’t veer away when you shoo them away. This one wants to bond with humans and die. It’s the one who will most likely crawl on your clothes, creep up your leg, and worse, land on you. It’s the main culprit behind panic-stricken women and men who forget their masculinity for a few seconds. Agree?

The Runner

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Ever wonder why some of them move so fast? I call them the runner. One moment you see them running about, and when you chance upon getting a bug spray, a slipper or a broom to go for the kill, they’re gone. They’re as swift as lightning and they are usually the main reason for one’s unease and discomfort. All we want is to see you die and when you escape, we fear that you might return and haunt us once more.

The Play-Possum

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Pretending to be a dead roach and then regenerating back to life – it’s as horrifying as any horror movie we’ve seen in our lifetime. Be careful not to have a heart attack when you encounter this pretentious bastard.

The Drunk

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Slow-moving and pretending to be unseen. They might be dying, old or simply slow moving but who cares? We just want you to die and get squished. Period.

The Rare-breed

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Ever saw a white roach? The albino one? Regardless if they are white or not, they are still pretty gross to look at. Even more so if you see one that can fly, it’s a butterfly-wannabe wreaking havoc to us humans.

We don’t really know the purpose of this creatures on this earth nor their positive attributes to nature. But one thing is for sure, fear of cockroaches is not gender-based and it is as real as it can possibly get. So always be prepared because literally, they are everywhere.

Kirk Ngo

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