Dibulo Falls – An Enchanting Waterfalls in Dinapigue, Isabela

A hidden, majestic waterfalls with an enchanting beauty. Dibulo Falls is gaining popularity because of its suspended features.

When visiting the province of Aurora and you have the guts to stretch your exploration to reach the farthest and northernmost part which is the town of Dilasag, there is a natural wonder you need not miss to see. It is the wonderful Dibulo Falls.

Dibulo Falls, Dinapigue, Isabela

Dibulo Falls is the tallest waterfalls in the Province of Isabela located in the little town of Dinapigue — the only secluded part of Isabela province. It is located on the eastern coast side of the province facing the Pacific Ocean. Being separated by the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre from the rest of the province, the only access road going to the small town is via Dilasag, Aurora, where one has to ride an off-road vehicle due to the bumpy zig-zag roads. From Santiago City, you can also take a Dinapigue-bound mini bus that takes 12-14 hours to reach the town.

Many travelers have considered the falls as enchanting. From the main town of Dinapigue, it takes 15-20 minutes by car to reach the jump-off area where you need to have an approximately 1 kilometer trek to reach the falls. The waterfalls is so huge that you can see a strip of it cut by luscious huge trees on the mountain from the town.

Dibulo Falls
A trail from the jump-off area has been established for visitors and you could feel the richness of the surrounding forest as you push through the basin of the waterfalls. By the moment you have a glimpse of the entire body of water, you’ll be thrilled with the chilling mist coming from its bosom. It is so huge and tall that you can’t look up to its peak for more than a minute.

Dibulo Falls, Dinapigue, Isabela
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One can have a refreshing deep into its basin or its cascading silk-like plunges. With an arduous access to the natural wonder, it is where you can literally be one with nature. Since only few have had reached the place, you can notice the richness of the nature surrounding the canyon-like gap that gives way to the body of water with its green luscious trees and foliage, making it more enchanting.

Dibulo Falls is protected by the local government and the locals in the area known as the Dumagats. Few cottages have been installed near the natural wonder where visitors can rest and have a picnic with friends and family.

Sweep your chances exploring the place. You can also take a look at the Bonsai Forest of Dinapigue as a side trip. It boasts an estimated 5,000 hectares of astonishing bonsai plants ranging from 1 foot to 7 feet in height.

To know more of the Province of Isabela, visit their official website or check more of their tourist destinations here.

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