The Deeper Meaning Of I’m Fine


The Deeper Meaning of I'm Fine

How are you?

I’m fine.

End of the story.

How many of you are really sincere when asking the question “How are you?”

How many are sensitive enough to know that the conversation doesn’t end with the “I’m fine” reply. That somehow the other person is about to say, I’m fine. But…

but you diverted your attention elsewhere already. And you left the person feeling rejected.

A couple of years ago, a person I know decided to end his life on Christmas Eve.  Most of us were surprised because he seems okay. He was actively giving Candy Crush lives to facebook friends. But I guess nobody bothered to send a simple “thank you” private message. I didn’t. Two days before Christmas, he shared a photo of him and his child playing the playstation.  Then on the eve of Christmas we found out he committed suicide. We were all wondering why. We could have helped him had someone asked, “How are you?”


Some people choose to say “I’m fine” because they have tried before to share what they were going through but were not taken seriously. People would jokingly say “ang drama mo”, “puro ka emote”, or “hugot ka na naman”.  It wouldn’t hurt if once in a while we send a friend a private message and spend a few minutes having a meaningful conversation. Give hope and leave words of encouragement. Social media has made it easy to keep in touch. Let’s take advantage of that.

Is there someone in your facebook timeline who has been sharing unhappy status?

Reach out. Ask and wait to hear the answer. Respect if the other person doesn’t want to speak out. But let him feel that whenever he needs someone to talk to, you are willing to listen. You don’t always need to say something. Just make him feel you truly care.

Roselle Cee Tee

A coca-cola dependent life-form who is torn between eating and getting fit. I used to play tennis and dance zumba but is now curious if I can run farther than 500 meters. I need wi-fi like PopEye needs spinach. Bucketlist: learn how to swim and ride a bike.