Dealing with teenage rebellion

Teenagers tend to be too vocal and adventurous.  They can also be smarter, only that their parents are just afraid to look at it that way.

Dealing with teenage rebellion
Dealing with teenage rebellion

Teenage rebellion usually happens when the youngsters feel pressured by their elders’ strict parenting ways.  Parents can’t be blamed, as well.  They have been there so most likely, they are just protecting their children.  However,  the youth can’t see it that way.  For them, their parents are being too unreasonable or maybe, the latter is indeed acting too irrational. shares ways then on how to deal with teenage rebellion.  Everything written here, though, isn’t based on studies, but more on personal experiences of the writer.

Show appreciation

An appreciation boosts morale just the same way it increases confidence in self and the other person.  If your child did something – big or small – show genuine appreciation.  This act balances the nagging and occasional hurts.  It is prudent, though, not to overdo your praise as it may get through his head.

Change approach

There may be times that you feel like giving up.  Do not, as it is your child we are talking about.  All the more that you need to be patient and kind.

If he seems not bothered anymore of your usual nagging, sweet talks, or punishment, change ways.

If he could not see the value of being content, for instance, bring him to an orphanage.  Avoid introduction like “you ought to see how they live and perhaps you will realize you’ve had too much while they don’t even have half of yours.” Such cruel words will only hurt your child more.  Let him realize those himself.

Give support

There are instances when you force your young man to do things your way.  It is because you find his way totally wrong.

This situation can be a little overwhelming.  As you try to let your teenager see your point and refrain from doing wrong, he just can’t see the whole point.  For him, you are disrespecting him, the same way you feel you are being disrespected, too.

The most prudent way to handle things is to allow your child do it his way with your supervision.  Surely, with the support you’re throwing his way, he will feel you are beside him.  Next time you give suggestions, listening to you will never be a struggle anymore.

Dealing with teenage rebellion

Dealing with teenage rebellion
Dealing with teenage rebellion

You’ve been a teenager once.  You’ve experienced it as a turbulent time of self-discovery.   It was also the time you wished for your elders’ patience and respect.  Do not be too selfish and unforgiving not to give that to your teens.

Sometimes, you just don’t need to be hard on them the same way you make it hard for yourself.  Just trust your parenting skills as well as your teenagers.  If you thought your teenage kid just shrugged his shoulders, perhaps it was how you interpret things.  Wait until you see changes.  Sometimes, teens can be too proud to admit they have wronged.  They will just show through actions that after all the drama between the two of you, they appreciate your concern.  Again, never lose hope.  And never give up being a parent.

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