All-Day breakfast at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast offers (you’ve guessed it) all-day breakfast for those looking for a taste of a Filipino-style breakfast. As the name suggests, this is the same kind of breakfast you will find in eateries and diners all over the Philippines. What makes Kanto Freestyle Breakfast unique is you get to customize your meal to your liking. To date, there are five branches to serve you in Metro Manila.

The interior of the Taft branch gives you can old style feeling.

Location and Layout

The layout depends on the branch. In this case, the writer visited the newly-opened branch in Leon Guinto St., Manila behind De La Salle University. They have acquired an old-style house that might date back to the 1950s and turned it into a restaurant. Everything is simple and old school. Simple tables and 50s-60s style chairs, and it is open air, no air conditioning except for a special room on the second floor for those who want to hold luncheon meetings or private parties). You can surmise the management wants to retain the “old school” look of the place.

The only air-conditioned room in the place, perfect for meetings and private parties.

Given the location, foot traffic is heavy since the area is a school zone. It serves people living and working within the area and students from La Salle, College of St. Benilde and St. Scholastica’s College. Business is very brisk and almost every day, the place is packed that you need to be wait-listed or reserve.

The Food

The resto’s selling point: Make your own meal!

Despite the old-style layout, the reason people flock to Kanto Style Breakfast is the food. Their mainstays is the Filipino-style breakfast, particularly the “silog” meals where you combine the viand of your choice with garlic rice and egg (your choice of fried or scrambled). They also have other Pinoy fare like champorado. The set meals come with free iced tea. The prices are reasonably affordable.

What makes the food here different from the rest is they are served gourmet style. In addition, they allow you to customize your meals if you are not interested in their set meals. In this case, the writer ordered (on two occasions) Vigan Longsilog and in another visit Spamsilog (custom meal). The writer wanted to try Tapsilog (using New Zealand beef) but it was not available at the time (hoping to try it next time).

In the writer’s humble opinion, the Longsilog is well-prepared. It is a practice here to present the food as if you are in a fine dining restaurant, not in a roadside eatery. The writer’s only issue was with the Spamsilog. The luncheon meat looked small and did not match the rice served with it and you may have to order one more. Since the Longsilog is a set meal, it came with iced tea. The writer ordered Coke Zero with the Spamsilog.


The staff is very efficient and courteous. You just need to be patient if the place is packed which means they have their hands full but rest assured, they will get to you. They carry radios to communicate between one another and the kitchen which makes for efficiency. They will carry out your requests on how you want your food done within reason.


You can tell Kanto Freestyle Breakfast’s Taft Branch is very successful from the throng frequenting the place. The building may be old-style but the food is what keeps them coming back for more. With so many people coming, you should go there early or reserve. The staff there aim to please. All you have to do is ask them nicely.

Aaron Ronquillo

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