Dangers of Buying Fake Makeup

fake makeup

Replica. Class A. Singapore Authentic. “Authentic”. No matter how you call these cheap makeup from China, they are fake. You see them sold at extremely low price in Divisoria, Bazaars, and online stores. Some of them look like the real thing that you can’t afford so you feel like it’s okay to settle for fake. But unlike fake t-shirts, rubber shoes, bags, and watches that you flaunt like you’re a fashionista, you apply these makeups on your skin without a care of the danger that might happen to you.

 fake makeup

Dangers of buying fake makeup

Mercury. The use of mercury in makeup products has been banned by FDA since 1974. Fake makeups use mercury to lengthen the shelf life of the product but the amount is not regulated. Mercury is absorbed by the skin and accumulates in the body. It is very toxic and high level of mercury in the body can cause death.

Allergic Reaction. Fake products are not dermatologically tested and people with sensitive skin may suffer from allergic reaction. You’ll end up spending more for medication because of buying fake makeup.

fake makeup

Skin breakouts. Do you ever wonder where and how these fake makeups are manufactured? They are definitely made in a controlled environment. They are made in makeshift factory in a basement or back room. The workers are probably not required to wear mask and gloves. There is no quality control and the risk of contamination is very high. Bacteria and unsanitary work environment mean dirty product. Imagine the amount of filth you are applying on your skin.

fake makeup

Poor quality. We don’t really know what goes into these fake makeups and with a price tag that is 75% cheaper, expect a poor quality product. You’ve probably met people whose makeups don’t blend on their skin. It’s like having the colors piling up or the layers cracking.

Fake makeup manufacturers only care about making money. You can’t even sue them if something happen to your skin because you wouldn’t know who they really are. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look good. There are low end makeup brands that are very affordable and safe to use.

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