D-I-Y Fab Hairstyle and Makeup for that Special Date


We have tips for your hair care and how to apply makeup on dates. If you want to look good but are short on budget to have your hairstyle and makeup done by a professional groomer, we’ve got good news for you. Yes, you can do it yourself! Psst.ph will show you how:

Put your hair in a twist. If your hair is shorter than shoulder length, dyeing your hair is an alternative to look different. Then you can apply mousse and gel for a softer look. For everyone else, apply hair mousse on your palms and distribute all through towel-dried hair. Next, take a three-inch section of hair, separate it into equal parts and twist them around each other like rope. Then twist the rope into a tight bun and secure it to your head with a bobby pin. Repeat until your hair is wrapped up—you’ll wind up with about six buns. Leave them while you start your makeup.

Cleanse your face. Starting with a clean face is the best guarantee of a flawless finish. Use a cleanser that’s made of your skin type—(sensitive, normal. Dry, oily or combination). After you’ve cleansed, give your face a splash of very cold water to seal up your skin pores.

Smoothen your skin. If you have a perfect complexion, you may opt to skip this part. Otherwise, you’ll want to use a product to face it. If your skin is normal to dry, use a tinted moisturizer or a choice of a BB or CC cream in your natural skin color to even out skin tone. (Don’t use foundation—it’s too heavy and mask-like.) Be sure to blend well around your jawline so there is no line where your makeup stops. If your skin is oily or combination apply translucent powder all over your face and upper neck.

A simple blush can highlight your facial features.
A simple blush can highlight your facial features.

Blush it up! The trick to looking adorable and natural us to use cream instead of powder blush. Cream cheeks color also tends to last longer. If you’ve already got a bit of tan, or have naturally olive or dark skin, you can use a bronzer. Otherwise, dip fingers into a rosy colored blush and apply a small dot to the apple of our cheeks. Then use fingers to blend colors outward towards your hairline. Add a teensy touch of color to the bridge of your nose and your temples to create a natural glow that warms your entire face.


Ask yourself: to glitter or not to glitter? Glitter and shimmery makeup is sweet—on One feature. More than that you’ll look like a neon sign. And of course, nobody would want that. So decide before applying your makeup whether you want to use glitter. If the answer is yes, choose one area of your face for its application. Glittery cheekbones (achieved with a dusting of glittery powder) will make your face look radiant. Glittery eye shadow is sexy, and glittery lips are cutesy and flirtatious. Choose the are that you want to highlight or give emphasis to.

Do not use metal eye curlers.
Do not use metal eye curlers.

Curl your lashes. Before applying eye shadow, curl your eye lashes using lash curler. (Avoid using metal curlers, which can yank out lashes). Clamp curler close to your lash line, being careful not to snag lids. Tilt up, squeezing for about ten seconds, then release.

With such breezy D-I-Y hairstyle and fab makeup tips, you’re sure to be ready to snag that special date. In the meantime, enjoy your awesome date—it’s exciting to know anything could happen next. Good luck!

Vance Madrid

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