How to be Creative with Kids and Make them Happy during Rainy Days


Sometimes the weather doesn’t permit outdoor play.  Just because the rains have come doesn’t mean it’s any less fun for you and your little bundle of energy. Keep the fun and laughter going, even while stuck indoors.

Be prepared – Keep a box filled with all sorts of stuff that can be used for play: dress up clothes and costumes; scrap ribbons; large beads; yarn; scratch paper; arts and crafts materials like scissors, paste, crayons and paint; an assortment of plastic containers; and other odds and ends. Pull something out of the box and have an impromptu game or crafts session based on whatever you get. You do not need to buy expensive toys; I fact a six-inch rubber ball and a set of blocks (you can even make your own blocks from old boxes) are enough. You can improvise all sorts of games and toys from things you have around the house.

Get physical – Get creative with the ways you let your kids release all that pent up energy! There are lots of games that you can do inside the house, such as:

Obstacle course – even new crawlers will enjoy the challenge of going up cushions and around chairs. The older your child, the more complex you can make your obstacle course.

Hide and seek – the perfect indoor game for younger children, and the logical extension of the “Where’s the baby?” game you play with infants. While younger children will most likely give away their location with their giggling or outright “Here I am!”, you can make it more fun by pretending not to find them immediately.

Shadow dancing – turn off all the lights and turn on a flashlight or a lamp to create shadows. Turn on the music and watch all the shadows groove!

Balloon play – blow up a balloon (don’t use the helium-filled ones) and bat it around. Toddlers may miss the balloon more often than not, but if you make them a palm paddle, it ups the odds in their favor. Use the palm paddle to play your own version of balloon tennis.

Treasure hunt – hide objects around the house (make sure your child is familiar with them), give your child a basket and clues, and let them race around the house.

Let them in on the chores – At this age, there is nothing your child would like more than to do what you do. So let them “help” you as you go around doing household chores. They can sweep (get small sized brooms and dustpans, available at the markets), pick up toys, help scrub floors and walls, and sort laundry. Make each chore into a fun game, and you will while away the hours in no time. Naturally, don’t expect the chore to be done perfectly, if at all well. And never leave your child unsupervised.

Rain or shine, you and your child can have a great time, creating memories together. So just enjoy each moment with your child whatever the weather.

Vance Madrid

Freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, social media manager, events coordinator, scriptwriter, film buff, wanderlust and certified foodie. Zealous for a keyboard and new experiences, I wish to live and learn through my writing.