How to Create a Stress-Free Holiday?


Do you feel stressed during the holidays? Fret not, you can actually create a serene environment despite the so-called holiday rush. Create an Oasis from the stress of the holiday rush with this calm and soothing setting. A look that’s relaxed, inviting and laid-back can still feel Christmas. First, you start with what could be your everyday table. Next comes the fun part; layering on the Christmas details. Try not to go overboard. The look we’re after is comfortable and serene.

The Mood Board:

Muted greens and red

Gold accents and beads for a little shimmer and texture

Relaxed fabrics, such as linens and cottons


When you try to create this look, it is a perfect example of how you can be both a frugal homemaker and creative hostess. You don’t need to buy a set of Christmas plates to set a Christmas table. Using what you already have can work just as well.

stress free

Beaded napkin rings

These are like jewelry for the table. Getting them in gold and amber tones makes them more versatile for use the rest of the year.

Small Christmas tree topiaries

These are the only distinctly Christmas items on the table. They emphasize the season, yet their subtle color scheme keeps the mood soothing and relaxed.

Red Candles

We used this to liven up the table. Small dots of vibrant color keep things cheerful.

Apple place-card holders

These add freshness to the table. It’s an inexpensive but stylish detail you can use in any season.

Wire-edged ribbons make great napkin holders

It’s a budget friendly yet festive idea for a more fashionable table.

Place Christmas towels in your powder room

Soaps and sachets with holiday packaging are also great ways to carry your theme further.

Remember how to have fun

Bottling up your stress inside you for too long can lead to serious health issues. It can even weaken your immune system. So it’s also crucial to find a way to release the stress. If screaming or dancing does it for you, then by all means, do so. And remember, it’s called holiday s make sure you’ll try to have fun. After all, the holiday season only happens once a year.

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