Create a positive home

What defines your home?

A home is defined by the atmosphere it exudes.   It can be a place of love, grace, or perhaps of integrity.  But never a dwelling full of hatred or dishonesty as home in the first place is about positive ambiance.

If you aim for a positive home, shares eight steps to creating an optimistic home atmosphere for your family.

Cultivate gratitude

Create a positive home
Create a positive home

A home that exudes a positive environment has members who are all grateful for the simple or immense blessings that come their way.  They do not compare nor become bitter of the achievement or success of the other.  On the other hand, they help each other to advance together.

Overflowing compliments

A happy home has family members who are not afraid to give compliments.  They understand that compliments brighten a day, thus they would like their loved ones to start their day right.  They also believe that such words of praise give encouragement and even inspiration.  Everyone has wonderful things to say and isn’t stingy with praises.

Practice active listening

Active listening is beyond hearing the words but also understanding the message and feelings behind the message.  When one family member approaches his loved one, he readily drops anything he is doing and makes time to listen.  It is because optimistic family members are those who are always ready to listen to stories, concerns, and almost anything.  Each gives advice if asked to or just offer empathy to show that he understands and cares.

Acknowledge fault

A home that welcomes positivity is quick to recognize mistakes and faults.  Its members set aside pride and are the first to lay down their ego.  They only recognize happiness and accept positivity thus they are quick to resolve conflicts and indifference.  They say sorry and they mean it.

No to comparison

Have you heard that comparison is the thief of joy?  A comparison does not make a home happier or even more abundant.  Comparing your spouse to other men or women does not give contentment.  Checking on other’s properties and finances does not lead to happiness as well.   It, on the other hand, leads to resentment and frustration.  A happy home is contented with what it has and together, its family members strive to achieve fortune or riches the honest way.

Build connection

Create a positive home
Create a positive home

In creating a positive home atmosphere, build connection through your kids’ interests and strengths.  Encourage them to follow their hobbies and realize their strengths.  Children will end up confident and happy if they know what they want and their parents are behind their back to give support and encouragement.  Bond over these hobbies like go to the park to play basketball or soccer.  Or bond over strengths like enhance that painting skill over some art workshop.

Promote self-esteem

A home that exudes a positive atmosphere promotes self-esteem among family members.  Children grow up confident of their parents’ love and support.  They also hear encouragement rather than negative comments.  Kids with positive self-confidence grow feeling accepted and have positive views about themselves.

Mindful parenting

As a parent, it is vital that your presence, actions, and words spoken reflect that of a positive role model.  Children tend to be observant of their parents’ attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.  It is then prudent that instead of telling youngsters what to do, adults show it with their own words and actions.

If you tell children to speak the truth, for instance, you yourself should also be honest.

Create a positive home

Create a positive home
Create a positive home

A home where love, grace, and integrity reign is such an ideal place to nurture kids.  Surely, the children will grow confident of themselves because their parents are generous with compliments and attention.  Even the elders are assured their youngsters will grow humble, compassionate, and kindhearted.  It is because the positive home ambiance where they live is what defines their character.

Berlin Domingo

Devoted. Compassionate. Instinctive. Berlin loves to write personal narratives, thrilling discoveries, and mommy tips that make daily living the happiest. She shares a place called the small house with her husband and their four boys.