Create Meaningful Family Moments

Everyone is busy with his own business that each can’t find time for one other. Other families though have all the time in the world but opt to skip the fun of bonding with loved ones because of budget constraints.  However, a family needs not leave the city, or even the house, to make great bonding memories. shares ideas on how families can get closer without stepping out of that front door.

Movie marathon

Lounging on the couch over some chips and a few good movies has been a common family affair.  But this remains a pleasurable experience not needing too much interaction.  Passing a bowl of popcorn is enough to communicate the need to share.  Even rendering a simple foot massage while watching a movie conveys love already.

Board games

Playing board games is a great way to make family memories.  Aside from the fun, family members get to know more about the personality of loved ones in a relaxed way.  It is also a nice way to sharpen the mind and do some strategic thinking.  Through board games, a family can reconnect, have fun, and take a rest from technology.

Create Meaningful Family Moments
Create Meaningful Family Moments

Make it an activity that family members would look forward to. Schedule it once a week when everyone was done with school and work.

Home cleaning

Home cleaning is also a nice way to bond with kids.  It could be fun and also a good source of laughter.  While making the bed or changing curtains, a mother and daughter can have a real nice chat about school or work.  Sometimes, kids are more comfortable to open up when they aren’t face-to-face with their parents.  To other cultures, specifically in Japan, cleaning with kids is viewed as a way to strengthen family relationships.


Gardening may sound too boring but digging some soil and putting seeds on each pot may just be the perfect activity little toddlers wish to do.  It is something they would think their parents would disapprove given the mess and dirt.  But more than the bonding, it is the nice thought that those plants grow with the kids too.

Repainting the backyard fence and sweeping the yard may be just as promising.   A special picnic lunch or barbecue dinner to cap the day will all the more make the experience worth for keeps.


Create Meaningful Family Moments
Create Meaningful Family Moments

Camping is not confined to the outdoors alone.  A family may set up a tent within the yard.  The father may even make a bonfire while the mother prepares mallows and hotdogs or some smores.  To make the evening more memorable, children may play guitar or just sing together over chips and soda.  Reading a book out loud even under an improvised tent is a cool idea.

Treasure hunt

Be a little adventurous and introduce the idea of treasure hunt at the house.  It need not be too fancy and serious.  It can be a simple list like ‘something blue or sweet.’  The game master may add a little family trivia and some riddles, too.

Game time

If the family has a big backyard, utilize the space and play ball games.  Teaching kids sports is an opportune time to educate kids about sportsmanship and other traits too.  But more than helping kids build social and teamwork skills, this simple family activity also promotes family bonding.    A family may try new and unfamiliar sports or play the kids’ favorite ones.

Family meal

If the father or the kids leave before everyone else, arrange a family breakfast on a weekend. Or invite everyone for a weekend family date night.  The idea is to bond together over food and drinks.  The meal need not be extravagant and aplenty.  The important ingredient is that members of the family are complete and each has his stories to share.   End the meal with a short yet sincere prayer of gratitude.

Create meaningful family moments

Create Meaningful Family Moments
Create Meaningful Family Moments

Summer season is not the only perfect time to wind down as a family and enjoy some fun activities together.  Even within the confines of their home, family members can create meaningful moments. With a little creativity or even the usual bonding activities, they could have a great time to reconnect. All it takes is to find and make time for the family.

Berlin Domingo

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