How to crank up your personal style in 2018


Each and every one of us is unique. We all have our own opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Thus, it’s important you find your personal fashion style, to create that distinctive look. Creating your personal style is one way you show people who you really are as well as a form to express yourself.  It’s more like creating your own brand. The clothes you wear tells a lot about you and your personality. Create a look that shows who you are and be comfortable with your own skin. Trends will always go in and out, but if you do have your own personal style, it is something that gives you an edge and makes you a cut above the rest. Your own style is something that endures over time and defies even the latest fad.

We’re always looking a season ahead to find the next “It” item or trend. It’s part of our DNA as fashion-lovers. If you’re like us, you’ve been paying close attention to what’s been popular on the streets and runways this past Fashion Month — that’s what gives us a good indication of what to expect throughout the year 2018.

While we definitely know glittery boots are “in” right now and so is wearing the pantone color of the year, the chic ultra violet color, we took things one step further and predicted the next big need-to-know trends. That way, you can adequately prepare your shopping list. Read on to see some major styles we think every fashion girl should know for this year.

If you are particularly romantic, you will probably see yourself getting drawn to ultra-feminine, embroidered tailored blouses and other items that have beading, delicate lace, and handwork. Think Coachella-inspired fashion. Yes, the cool-girl ensembles are still worth wearing this year. Still have no idea what Coachella clothes are? No problemo! It means breezy off-the-shoulder crop tops, exotic embroidered jackets, glitzy body chains, and knee-high gladiator sandals that showcase your modern bohemian edge–by this time, you probably imagine the look.

Now, take a close look at your clothes. Are there still clothes you’ve bought a long time ago but you haven’t worn them yet and it had been at the bottom of your closet for years? It’s time to ditch them, give them away or throw them. C’mon, you will never get to wear them. t’s time to give your wardrobe a revamp.

If you’re adventurous enough, mix your animal prints by choosing patterns in a similar color palette. A utilitarian army jacket nonchalantly tied around the waist comes in handy for those cool desert nights.

Try to become an edgy boho princess look with an off-the-shoulder crop top and double-slit maxi skirt, but it’s the accessories that really sold your outfit, including a golden headpiece, statement body chain, and western belt. Sometimes more really is more!

A predominantly white ensemble is one bold move for any fashionista but you can pull it off the with aplomb, thanks to statement pieces, like an exotic embroidered jacket and studded boots, that make the look more casual.

Denims will never go out of style. It’s a must for every fashionista to have some pieces of denims, just like that rule of thumb to always be ready with the little black dress for chic and classic evening dates.

Monochrome, tie-dye, plaid, satin slip dress, mixed florals, assymetrical or one shoulder, printed ruffle skirts, puffy sleeves, bakuna blouse, athleisure and for the summer, bandeaus will also become a hit!

“Whatever you decide to wear, know that you should wear your clothes and not let your clothes wear you. “

By just knowing what works for you, it will increase your feelings of confidence. Having your own personal style allows you to set the trends among your friends too. Never be afraid to experiment a little and to be creative. Every woman deserves to look Fashionable, Stylish and Confident. Are you ready to be “The Stylish You in 2018”?

Vance Madrid

Freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, social media manager, events coordinator, scriptwriter, film buff, wanderlust and certified foodie. Zealous for a keyboard and new experiences, I wish to live and learn through my writing.