Cove Manila Ignites Friday Nights Yet Again with Deadmau5

Once again, Cove Manila took our weekend night out to another level with deadmau5! DJ, producer, and one of the most iconic figures in the electronic music scene Joel Thomas Zimmerman brought his electrifying set to Manila last Friday night.

The 37-year-old with hits like Strobe, Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff, and `The Veldt played the EDM crowd, as part of Cove Manila’s unparalleled lineup.

World of Wonders opened to the party goers as doors opened at 10:30. Finally, it was midnight and deadmau5 stepped up the booth! A light show and mind-blowing motley visuals played on screen behind the deck.

And then, the thunderous roars from the crowd began. The Canadian DJ did what he does best. Get the crowd pumped as he rolls out his Grammy-nominated set.

People were sliding, gliding, and grinding to his beats. Partygoers created circles, waved their light sticks, and put their arms up. “It’s like LaBoracay without the sand.”, one of my friends mused. There were no strangers. It was just a really huge party. I guess that’s what separates Cove Manila from other concert venues and clubs. Everyone is happy. Everyone is game. Everybody is there for a great time!

Aside from having a lineup of marvelous DJs every week, Cove Manila offers a wide array of things to do. You do not just book a table. You can even get a cabana! Yes, one where you get your own comfortable seating with a great view overlooking the DJ booth and the crowd. A cabana where you get your own personal butler and the greatest part, you get your own loo as well! Think about how much time you can save partying instead of lining up for the toilet to heed nature’s call!

People were getting more and more hyped as the night progressed. Fans were jumping up and down, raising their glasses, and singing to the tunes. You just know that Deadmau5’s performance was definitely a party to remember. It could be because of the place, the DJ, the crowd, the alcohol, the great sound system, or a combination of all.

The party never ends!

Get to know more about Cove Manila’s awesome lineup. Check out their website and Facebook Page for inquiries and details.

Alg Asuncion

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