Courtyard Hotel opens in Iloilo

They say that one of the best ways to gauge if a place is fast rising is if investors are willing to invest in a place. If this is true, then Iloilo is in a pretty good place seeing as Courtyard Hotel is set to open in Iloilo City on the 1st of May.

Courtyard Hotel is the first international hotel to open in Iloilo. This proves that Iloilo is one of the emergining cities in the Philippines and that the place is a viable option in the Western Visayas. This new hotel will provide flexibility and choices that will allow guests to optimize and elevate their travel experience. Courtyard has always been a business hotel but the one being set up in Iloilo will be more casual and laidback compared to it’s counterparts all over the world.

Courtyard Hotel will also be offering 3 buffets the whole day so you can enjoy a feast from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Though an international chain, Courtyard Hotel will also cater to the local market by serving local dishes so that travellers who can only spare a few hours or so will still get to enjoy local dishes at the comfort of Courtyard.

The Courtyard Iloilo also offers the Refreshing Business lobby environment, where guests can enjoy an open and bright area outside of their rooms. Along with media pods, complimentary Wi-Fi and a variety of seating zones, the redefined space is ideal for everything from pop-up meetings to social gatherings. The Courtyard Iloilo features the Runway Kitchen, offering casual, flexible seating; easy access to food and high quality, healthy menu options for breakfast; and light evening fare, including snacks, cocktails, wine and beer so guests can unwind.

Throughout the hotel, guests can connect with ample electrical outlets. The business library features several computer terminals, along with a printer and separate computer stations dedicated solely to printing airline boarding passes and checking flight status.
Green has been Courtyard’s signature color since Marriott launched the brand 30 years ago. Now it is even greener with the introduction of a guest recycling program for the environment. Receptacles for paper, glass, plastic and metal are conveniently located by side exits.

The 15-story hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center and guest laundry, and offers more than 3,000 square feet of meeting space to accommodate functions of up to 180 people.


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