Cosmetic Acupuncture as an Instant Facelift


Do you want to look younger but you’re afraid to go under the knife? There’s still HOPE. To give the face an instant lift, try the wonders of cosmetic acupuncture. Yes, acupuncture needles are used on your face.

Known as an ancient traditional Chinese medicine that involves pricking the skin, nerves and muscles with needles to alleviate pain and cure a host of ailments, cosmetic acupuncture addresses muscle aging.

This more conventional and non invasive fast and easy procedure, acupuncture is said to instantly tighten sagging muscles and improve blood circulation for a more glowing complexion. unknown to many, the acupuncture services isn’t only limited to the body, but it could also be used on the face.

Research shows that acupuncture is able to address a person’s sagging facial muscles without having to undergo surgery. People in their 40’s, 50’s and even those in their 60’s will surely benefit from this cosmetic acupuncture procedure.

Acupuncture is great because it stimulates the skin to contract and in the process increases collagen production. They don’t just address sagging facial muscles and poor blood circulation. As a person ages, her facial blood vessels also shrink, resulting in dark, uneven skin tone. The face is the only part of the body where skin and muscles are stuck together. When a person is young, the muscles of the face are rounder, shorter and more contracted. Thus, you can see the contours of a young person’s face.

Contrary to some beliefs, it isn’t only fat that gives the face its volume. It turns out that muscles also does its work to make the face look rounder, younger and more relaxed. As a person ages, these facial muscles become longer and looser as it loses its natural skin elasticity.

You can do all sorts of non-invasive laser and radio-frequency procedures aimed at tightening the skin, but the effects are limited because the sagging muscles underneath remain untouched. Between skin and muscles, the muscles prevail in the end because they’re thicker and heavier than skin.

With the aid of Cosmetic Acupuncture, all of the above mentioned dilemma will have a solution. With a thousand year old practice, it’s the only non-invasive procedure that causes facial muscles to contract is acupuncture.

Vance Madrid

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