Authentic Cordillera Carbonara at CupWay Café

CupWay Café is yet another soothing place for the weary feet located in Quezon City. This new little spot at the corner of a busy crossroad (along EDSA-Kamias Road) has just opened to serve the coffee and sweets lovers.

This amiable spot for go-to and dine-in cravings offers a variety of coffee and delicious snacks; but there is something more than the regular coffee and delectable nibbles in the house.

Owned and operated by highlanders from the Cordillera, CupWay Café has brought to the metro a highland taste that brings delight to every intrepid food enthusiast. While on its soft opening, customers are starting to love a special offering from the place – the Cordillera Carbonara!

CupWay Café’s Cordillera Carbonara

Cordillera Carbonara is a humble offering that lets you taste authentic highland meat called “Kiniing”, a curated meat from native pigs of Sagada, Mountain Province. In Benguet, “Kiniing” or “Kinuday” is a delicacy where they preserve the meat by soaking it in liquor and smoking it to perfection. In some areas, they preserve the meat by salting it and drying it under the sun, or smoking it. In the olden times, extra pieces of meat from a “Cañao” or community feast is being used in making Kiniing.

Cordillera Carbonara by CupWay Cafe
A palatable plate of Cordillera Carbonara

The native succulent meat has a slight salty taste neutralizing the blunted flavor of the basic creamy carbonara. Mixed with special ingredients and topped with regular cheese and celery leaves, anyone who will get to have a taste of it will truly agree that its deliciousness is one of a kind and is worth trying!

Another must-try is the delightful waffle called Pastrami – an amalgamation of pastrami, egg, herbs, topped with syrup in waffles is a total snack-meal paired with your favorite coffee-based drink.

Pastrami Waffle
Pastrami Waffle
Strawberry and Cream Waffle
Strawberry and Cream Waffle

For solid coffee lovers, the café offers espresso-based Hot and Cold Cups of coffee and Frappes. They also have a Strawberry Smoothie that lets you experience Baguio right in the heart of the metro. Other house delights are cakes and pastas.

Entering the café shifts the mood with its clean, comfortable, and welcoming ambiance. Since it’s in the middle of the metro, having a short stop at the café sets the mood of the exhausted with a calming atmosphere playing slow rock and cool beats in the background, separating anxiety and stress from the busy crossroad.



Mr. Donato (right) together with one of the staff
Mr. Donato (right) together with one of the staff

With satisfying experience, the prices are reasonable with coffee prices ranging from P50 – P125. “Our location is an advantage because it’s away from other cafés and it’s along a busy area perfect for those who want a place to rest and experience comfort even for a short period of time,” says Mikul Jon T. Donato, Co-Owner and Manager of CupWay Café.

“In the near future, we will bring in other food choices like pizza and salads to add up in our menu,” he added. But there’s a twist to that because they are planning to slip in some Cordillera kick by using highland ingredients to enhance a different dining and gustatory experience for its customers.

To experience this new café in the metro, visit CupWay Café located at 817 Corner EDSA-Kamuning, Quezon City. They are open Mondays to Saturdays from 8AM – 12MN, and 1PM – 8PM on Sundays. For queries, you may reach them at 09215503312.

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