Cool Valentine’s Day Gift Your Boyfriend/Husband Will Love


Let’s face it. Guys are difficult to gift with, unless you know exactly what your Bae likes or what he’s really into. But if you’re like most women, gifting their significant other might just be stressful. We’ve scoured the malls as well as the internet to find the coolest present he’ll totally flip for. From lol-worthy gag gifts to super sweet pressies that totally says “I love you.” Here are some of our awesome finds. Check these out:

Mobile phone screen projector

photo from
photo from

Your Bae will surely be delighted to watch his fave movies-theatre style with this cool phone projector.

Life organizer

photo from pinterest
photo from pinterest

Help your Honey to find his keys, phone, shades (you know, all the important stuff) in check with this desktop catty.

Lego toy for adult


This fan boy gift doubles as a fan date night for Valentine’s Day. Order in some junk food or delivery pizza and build this masterpiece together.

Statement Shirts


You can get these shirts from Linya-Linya or Artwork outlets. You may even buy a couple shirt if you and your guy are up for twin shirts. They’re inexpensive and they’re also really cool!

Cool AF Timepiece


Go ahead and amped up his style and update his fashion sense with a chic watch that’s anything than boring.

Fun Socks

fun socks

He’ll go crazy over this cute socks. We’re sure he’d love to sleep in this or wear this pair during his weekly basketball practice.

Smart Phone Printer


Print all your memories together in this portable printer directly from Bae’s phone.

Bad ass boots


These funky kicks are just as comfy as your good ‘ol Doc Martens, but with a little more style.

Fan Boy Merchandise


Any E-head fan will totally love this shirt. Even if vocalist Ely Buendia no longer sees himself performing onstage with his former band that catapulted him to rockstar status, still, wearing this shirt will make your Bae relive that moment when E-heads was still the country’s top band. Trust us on this.

Memory Book


Start saving date night ticket stubs now or restaurant receipts, concert tix–and put them on this memory book. Write an inside joke from each night on the back for bonus points.

Smell Good Stuff

Lush Dirty Springwater (2)

Give him the Lush-level scent explosion you usually only get to experience in your bath.



The sleek shades will go with his entire wardrobe.

Nintendo Switch console


Your gamer will love these cool controller accessories and console.

Room Decor

name boards

Again, bonus points if you write a love note when you give him this gift.



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