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Collectors Hive pay homage to collectors and hobbyists by digging deep into collectors’ culture to find awesome collectors from across the world as well as discovering their unique items (from stamps, to dolls, die-casts, toys, Coke merchandise, etc. among many others that people collect). 

Established in April 2016, Collectors Hive is an online portal created to address the foreseen concern of the collectors such as conventional spreadsheet of collectibles, lack of social community support, divided groups, lack of appreciation, market and innovation especially in this digital age. These are some of the things that hobbyists struggle on.

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Collectors Hive provides a way to keep valuable memories, create a wholesome atmosphere for collectors and connect them together. Collections vary from a wide variety of Toys to Breweriana, Tobaciana, Coins, Fashion and Trading Cards to rarest and expensive Paintings, Petroliana, Furniture, Antiques and Vintage Cars. Other type of collections that aren’t mentioned above are very much welcome.

Collectors Hive is an online portal where diverse collectors unite in one community or family. They can socialize, trade, showcase and sell their items as well as gain appreciation on their  precious collections. 

The Philippines has about 110 million population and more than 50% are active smartphone users. Technology has progressed far and so the collection community must advance too. Collectors Hive has over 108 million collectibles to date already and continuously growing because we have so many hobbyists around the world,” says Mr. Frederick Puno, President and CEO of Collectors Hive.  

The site features social media platform for collectors. Users can simply login directly using their Facebook account. It generates instant profile, information and access. Whenever they have a new collectible, manual input can be done or simply use their mobile app item scanner. The website allows to interact with fellow users, trade and sell items, get badges and opportunity to be a colony leader. Colony leaders controls quality in their category expertise. They are experts who help “police” the site so Collectors are assured of accurate and fully detailed items listed on the catalogue. 

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Collectors Hive has an innovation on its mobile technology app called the Item Scanner. It aids the collector on manual data input of a particular collection item. The user needs to scan the bar code and information will be generated quickly and store it. Another features are the comparison of specs, prices and stock availability of the item from different international and local store sources. It’s now available for download using Android phones by visiting the Google Play store.

Mr. Puno remarked, “For the love of collecting, we are progressing fast and many profiles are coming in already. We are looking forward for more integrations and improvements in future.”

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